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Minx Season 2 Isn't Happening After All

The HBO Max sitcom "Minx" stars Ophelia Lovibond as Joyce Prigger, a feminist writer and editor who is unsuccessfully trying to pitch a female-centered magazine in the early 1970s. Enter Doug Renetti (Jake Johnson), a pornography publisher who expresses interest. Despite Joyce's reluctance and their personal differences, the two ultimately team up to create Minx, an erotic magazine aimed at women.

The first season of the show received positive reviews from critics, with The Hollywood Reporter noticing the "flawless cast chemistry and snappy writing." The dramedy even earned a sophomore season in May from HBO Max, only a few months after its debut (via Deadline).

According to Variety, "Minx" has been in production for the second season for quite some time. But in an increasingly chaotic streaming landscape, television shows aren't necessarily safe even when they're been renewed for more seasons. This means "Minx" fans will be very disappointed in HBO Max's decision about the series' future.

HBO Max changed its mind about Minx Season 2

In a surprise reversal, HBO Max has chosen to reverse their renewal of "Minx" for a second season (via Variety). According to the site, the show had nearly finished producing Season 2 when the news came from HBO Max. In a similar move to the animated shows that the service has removed (via Animation Magazine), the first season of "Minx" will also be taken off of the service as well.

This is most likely the result of Warner Discovery having to cut costs within the company, including the development of new TV shows and films such as "Batgirl" (via Variety). However, "Minx" producer Lionsgate Television wants to develop the show on another network or service. The company made a statement, saying, "We have enjoyed a good partnership with HBO Max and are working closely to find a new opportunity for 'Minx,' so current, and new viewers, can continue this journey with us." Creator Ellen Rappaport tweeted, meanwhile, "I'm proud of the show we've made and am confident that the audience will come with us to our new home."