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Rick And Morty Fans Are Buzzing Over Morty's Lightsaber Shenanigans In The Season 6 Finale

"Rick and Morty" is still going strong as it wraps up its sixth season. The wildly popular animated series from Adult Swim, in fact, has earned enough fans that it has already had been renewed for 70 episodes back in 2018, likely meaning that it will at the very least get to a 10th season — and proving just how confident the top brass at Cartoon Network really is about this duo's strange meta-explorations. Following the misadventures of unhinged mad scientist Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland) and his constantly anxious grandson Morty Smith (also Roiland), the zany series has often seen the duo (and other members of the Smith family) traveling across time and space as they find themselves in one ridiculously absurd scenario after another.

And sure enough, the Season 6 finale capped things off by referencing one of the most heralded science fiction franchises around, as Morty found himself being gifted a lightsaber. From there — and much to the delight of "Rick and Morty" fans — wacky hijinks ensued.

Fans love the lightsaber gags in the Rick and Morty finale

Morty got the best Christmas gift a teenage boy could ever ask for in Season 6, Episode 10 ("Ricktional Mortpoon's Rickmas Mortcation"). As Rick presented his grandson with a functional lightsaber, Morty was overjoyed. 

Naturally, the joy didn't last for long before things got dire for the pair (it was the season finale, after all). Still, it was the lightsaber moments that fans couldn't seem to stop talking about after the episode aired, and social media was abuzz with glowing, space-lasered joy. As exclaimed by @SteelJacket729 on Twitter. "RICK GAVE MORTY A LIGHTSABER FOR CHRISTMAS." 

With an avid legion of "Star Wars" fans spread across the globe, it was only a matter of time before word spread that Morty had gotten every science fiction nerd's dream gift. "Christmas was going well until the President jacks your lightsaber you got as a gift and almost destroyed the world," tweeted @RandolphPinckn3. Perhaps the most fun part of the episode, though, was that it took the opportunity to finally address questions that sci-fi fans have never seen answered in the actual "Star Wars" universe, with Reddit users like @Hawaiian_Brian delighting in how the show pointed out the perils of dropping one of these weapons at a vertical angle. 

Indeed, as is often the case in "Rick and Morty," a seemingly good thing goes on to have disastrous consequences for the galaxy. As @ArrontheWise tweeted, "The S6 finale of Rick and Morty made us learn 2 lessons: 1-Don't drop your lightsaber in a vertical way. 2-There are a lot of Star Wars fans who flip-flop on their fandom."

While Season 6 of "Rick and Morty" has wrapped up, fans can likely look forward to another fresh batch of episodes in 2023.