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Does Avatar: The Way Of Water Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Contains spoilers for "Avatar: The Way of Water"

There's no doubt "Avatar: The Way of Water" is a lengthy venture, clocking in well over three hours long. So after sitting through the entire extravaganza, is it worth waiting through the credits to catch a post-credit sequence? After all, you've waited this long for the sequel itself. "Avatar: The Way of Water" comes out 13 years after its groundbreaking 2009 predecessor and sees Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and his family make their way to live with the sea-dwelling clan of the Metkayina to stay safe from a vengeful Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang). Since the ending of the first "Avatar," fans have been patiently waiting to see what adventures await them in the ever-expanding world of Pandora and James Cameron certainly delivered. "The Way of Water" ups the stakes of its predecessor while also delivering the same jaw-dropping world-building that made the first film a phenomenon, introducing the Metkayina people, various new creatures, and the unique abilities of the Na'vi that further imbue Pandora with life. 

With "Avatar 3" on the way (via /Film), fans sitting down to see "Avatar: The Way of Water" may wonder just how the film ties into the upcoming third installment. While there are certainly plenty of ways the movie can tease us during its runtime, most viewers are likely expecting the real meat and potatoes to be in the post-credit scene. Well for you patient moviegoers, the truth might disappoint (or relieve you if you've been holding it for the whole movie).

There's no post credit scene, but still plenty to get excited for

As surprising as it might seem in a post-Marvel world where every major blockbuster has to include a post-credits scene, "Avatar: The Way of Water" decided to skip the addition. While it's not entirely known why the film doesn't contain one, it's likely that it wouldn't have fit James Cameron's vision. As the sequels were being written during the early 2010s (via Deadline) before the post-credit scene craze took over every major release, the idea of throwing one in may have just not crossed anyone's mind during the film's making. The ending of "The Way of Water" sees Jake Sully and his family victorious in their battle against Quaritch. They stay with the Metkayina clan as they prepare for even greater battles ahead, which is hinted at throughout the movie, thus eliminating the need for a post-credits scene. 

But "Avatar" post-credits do exist. When the first film was re-released in September 2022, the movie was given a post-credit scene for the first time. The scene in question gave fans an extended preview of "The Way of Water" (via ComicBook), only creating more anticipation for the upcoming film. Fans responded positively to the addition, with Twitter user @enteumestay exclaiming, "Just saw the Re-release of #Avatar and I'm glad I stayed coz I saw some scenes from #AVATARTheWayOfWater and it was soooo goood. I can't wait for December!" It may be disappointing that "The Way of Water" doesn't include a tease for "Avatar 3" after its credits, but that doesn't mean fans aren't hotly anticipating the next one.

Fans can't wait to see what's next

"Avatar: The Way of Water" may not have any post-credit scenes to speak of, but it doesn't look like the audience minds. Viewers are praising the James Cameron-directed movie as quite possibly the filmmaker's magnum opus. Fandango's Erik Davis calls the film "Bigger, better & more emotional than #Avatar, the film is visually breathtaking, visceral & incredibly engrossing. The story, the spectacle, the spirituality, the beauty – this is moviemaking & storytelling at its absolute finest." Others were quick to point out the emotional power of the epic film, such as Happy Sad Confused podcaster Josh Horowitz who says that the film is "Emotional, visceral, and as big as movies get." While some, such as Empire's Amon Warmann and Digital Spy's Ian Sandwell, found issues with the film's plot, it was considered an improvement by Phase Zero podcaster Brandon Davis, who says the film has a "better, more complex story than the first with solid emotion but the characters could grow a bit more." 

Hopefully, "Avatar 3" will alleviate that. "The Way of Water" and "Avatar 3" were shot simultaneously, with the latter film having a script penned by "The Black Dahlia" and 2005's "The War of the Worlds" screenwriter Josh Friedman. According to The Ronin, "Avatar 3" wrapped filming in late 2020 and is slated for a 2024 release. If it is anywhere near as epic as "The Way of Water," we have a lot to look forward to. Will the third film have a post-credits scene? We'd be surprised to see Cameron join in on the trend, honestly.