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Maggie And Negan Return In The First Images From The Walking Dead: Dead City

The problem with zombies is that they never really die. Through the many seasons of "The Walking Dead," even examples of undead that have almost completely rotted still possess a dangerous threat that must be treated with care and caution. Although zombies have completely ravaged the world and shattered many forms of functioning society, there are still outposts of survivors. Unfortunately, not all of these outposts and settlements are good places to be, and many are either under the yoke of tyranny or engaged in acts of raiding, pillaging, and cannibalism. In other words, zombies aren't usually the biggest concern in "The Walking Dead."

Having just completed its entire run, "The Walking Dead," much like the zombies featured throughout, will soon rise again in the form of spin-offs. Sure, there are already spin-offs like "Fear the Walking Dead" and "Tales of the Walking Dead," but there will soon be new iterations of the popular zombie franchise that aims to pick up after the events of the predecessor show. One such example, "The Walking Dead: Dead City" will put two exceptionally unlikely allies together — Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohen). Luckily for fans of animated corpses, "The Walking Dead: Dead City" has released some official stills from this upcoming show, and they definitely show off some of what viewers may come to expect.

The first set of images from The Walking Dead: Dead City promises a new look for Maggie

Lurching over to Instagram, the official "Walking Dead" account posted three pictures from "The Walking Dead: Dead City," which will be released in April 2023. The first image is that of Maggie in an atmospherically lit bar, sporting a rather unique look consisting of slick-backed hair, a leather jacket, and fingerless gloves. One can assume that at least New York City, despite being in a world consumed by zombies, has managed to keep at least one bar open and the power running, which should be something new for "The Walking Dead" alumni to contend with. The second image consists of Negan in some kind of building or hotel room and gazing out the window at who knows what, while the last image is something many "Walking Dead" fans should be familiar with — Maggie threatening Negan's life with a blade, though Negan certainly looks nonchalant about the situation.

Speaking with EW, Jeffrey Dean Morgan said about this future show, "As uneasy of an alliance it is that Maggie and Negan have, I think Negan being out of Maggie's line of sight for a couple years is still never going to make what happened for her go away. I don't know if us getting along in any way is going to last. I don't know if it can." Either way, one can definitely tell that bygones aren't exactly bygones with the above pictures, and it will be fascinating to see what may happen between Negan and Maggie in "The Walking Dead: Dead City."