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Why Curse Of Oak Island Fans Desperately Want Josh Gates On The Show

Over several seasons of "The Curse of Oak Island," the Oak Island Fellowship has investigated some fascinating theories about what might be buried on the island. They've even covered some fascinating history along the way, from a mysterious stone slab to an escaped American slave who became the island's biggest landowner.

What they haven't found is the legendary treasure of Oak Island, which, of course, is the whole reason they are there in the first place. After all, the legend of the treasure of Oak Island, and its accompanying curse, are just that: a legend. There's no certainty the Lagina brothers and friends will find anything on that island that might qualify as a treasure, nor that there is actually a curse on the treasure that befalls those who search for it.

Which has led some fans of the show to think it's time for Rick and Marty to bring on a very specific guest. On the r/OakIsland subreddit, u/Johnny_Mc2 posted, "Josh Gates from Expedition Unknown needs to come on the show and break the hard truth to them."

Josh Gates' televised debunking

The post elaborates: "Josh Gates is probably the only host on these types of shows to actively debunk the things he investigates- there's lots of Expedition Unknown episodes where he and scientists/experts will go and investigate a mystery and then prove its not real." The poster pointed to examples, like when Gates explored Japan's underwater Yonaguni monument and, through experts and other explorers, showed that the "monument" isn't proof of a lost continent but rather a natural geological formation (via Discovery.com).

This isn't to say that Gates has been completely disdainful of the unknown. He has hosted and otherwise been involved with the "Ghost Hunters" franchise (via IMDb) and even appeared in an episode of "Ghost Adventures." Both series leave a lot of room for belief in the paranormal, which several posters on the Reddit thread allude to. Still, Gates' skepticism is in contrast enough to, say, Marty Lagina's appearance on the absurd "Ancient Aliens" for some on the Reddit thread to really long for it.

"I would love to see Josh Gates rip up every absurd test and theory they've had the audacity to shove down our throats over all these years!" wrote u/OakIslandCurse, before adding that it will probably never happen.