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One Of The Office's Most Romantic Moments Is Actually A Glaring Plot Hole

Underneath the awkward humor, commentary on white collar workplaces, and massive character egos, "The Office" is a surprisingly sentimental show. That idea is especially true when it comes to the many romances that burgeon over the course of the series' nine seasons. From Jim and Pam's first kiss in Season 2 to Dwight and Angela finally tying the knot in the series finale, the show has a penchant for cultivating an abundance of heartwarming moments between various couples. However, few relationships in the show can rival the sweetness of the romance between Michael Scott and Holly Flax.

It's a fairly bumpy ride for Michael and Holly over the course of the show, with the pair striking up a romance in Season 5, only for their connection to be cut short due to their jobs. Thankfully, the two eventually find a way to make it work, and by the end of the series, they're happily married with kids. There's plenty of aww-inducing bits sprinkled between those bookends, too, though one particularly romantic moment for the couple may actually be a glaring plot hole when examined closely.

How does Michael get lost in Scranton?

Season 7, Episode 15 of "The Office," titled "The Search," sees Michael attempting to return to Dunder Mifflin after he gets lost somewhere in Scranton. Holly eventually locates him, knowing him well enough to retrace his steps, and the two share an intimate moment. It's a touching premise, but it has a notable issue.

As fans have pointed out, it's odd that Michael ends up getting lost in the first place. After all, Scranton is his hometown and he knows his way around in other episodes, so it shouldn't have been difficult for him to find his way back. It's not the only Michael error that has stumped "The Office" fans, but for some, it's bizarre enough to trouble the episode's entire premise. "The plot is ridiculous," u/KitzFigaro posted on the r/DunderMifflin subreddit. "Michael gets lost like a 5 year old."

Fans asked what series alums Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey thought of the ostensible plot hole on Episode 147 of the duo's "Office Ladies" podcast. "I think it's a little bit of a stretch," Fischer said, though she didn't mind since it was romantic. Kinsey had another defense, believing that Michael getting lost is meant to show his troubled emotional state without Holly. "When she keeps pushing him away, he just really is searching for it all to make sense," she said. "He could have found his way back to the office, but I think he wants to go on this walkabout."