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Andor's 12 Saddest Character Deaths, Ranked

"Andor" may be set in the "Star Wars" universe, but in many ways, it's a big departure from the mainline films. While "Star Wars" has never shied away from dealing with darker material, particularly in "Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith," "Andor" takes things a step further. With a weighty, dramatic, and somewhat depressing tone throughout, the show's vision of a galaxy at war feels much more realistic.

The first season of "Andor" went down well with the critics, with a lot of praise directed at the strong ensemble cast. While Cassian Andor is the title character, the show has no shortage of characters who are complex and compelling to watch. Relatively minor characters with only a few episodes are given realistic motivations, which can make their deaths hard to stomach. Even the less heroic and more flawed characters can make an impact on viewers, because the story of "Andor" is more complicated than just good versus evil.

Now that the first season of "Andor" has come to its dramatic conclusion, we're taking a look back at all the deaths that occurred to see which ones were the saddest. This ranking will only include deaths that were confirmed, so a certain character who can't swim will not be on it. Spoilers ahead.

12. Verlo Skiff and Kravas Drezzer

The two deaths that kicked off the conflict that got Cassian Andor involved in the rebellion, Verlo Skiff and Kravas Drezzer are far more important to the show's story than their limited screen time might have you believe. The duo serve as officers in the Pre-Mor Security Inspection Team on Preox-Morlana. While Cassian is visiting the planet in search of his sister, the two become annoyed with him while hanging out at a local brothel.

After Cassian leaves, they follow him and begin to harass him, hoping to take his credits in exchange for his freedom. Cassian fights back and accidentally kills Verlo Skiff after knocking him down. While the death was an accident, Cassian quickly realizes that if he leaves Drezzer alive, it would likely lead to his arrest — or worse. Drezzer begs for his life , but Cassian shoots him anyway.

As corrupt officers looking to extort Cassian for money, Skiff and Drezzer aren't exactly likable characters. That being said, watching the terrified Drezzer beg Cassian to just let him live is still hard to watch. While Cassian thought that killing them would solve his problems, things began to spiral out of control for him from that moment, with Skiff and Drezzer's colleagues now on the hunt for him.

11. Arvel Skeen

A member of the Aldhani group, Arvel Skeen gets killed by Cassian Andor midway through the first season. When Cassian joins the group, Skeen is immediately wary of his presence, finding the timing of his arrival and his lack of enthusiasm for the cause suspicious. Skeen gets along well with the young Karis Nemik, despite thinking that he's too naïve for his own good. Later, Skeen tells Cassian a story about his younger brother. He says that he joined the rebellion because his civilian brother took his own life after an Imperial prefect flooded his land and stole his livelihood.

Things changed for Skeen after the Aldhani mission. He was one of the few that managed to survive the mission, but when Nemik got crushed by a large credits payload, his demeanor changed. When Skeen asks Cassian if he wants to steal the credits and split them 50/50, Cassian asks about his brother and Skeen denies ever having one, leading Cassian to kill him. He ultimately let his greed get the better of him and died because of it. Nevertheless, it is sad to see him lose his life this way, especially considering how big of an asset he could have been to the rebellion.

10. Timm Karlo

He may have played an antagonistic role in the first three episodes of "Andor," but Timm Karlo is by no means a bad person. The boyfriend of Bix Caleen at the start of the show, Timm is a kind man who is well-liked by the people around him. Unfortunately, Timm is also very jealous of Cassian Andor and his close relationship with Bix.

Ultimately, Timm lets his jealousy get the best of him. Thinking that Cassian may be having an affair with Bix or trying to rekindle their old romance, Timm turns Cassian in to the Pre-Mor Security team, leading to Syril Karn's raid of the city. During the raid, Bix is taken by Stormtroopers. Timm attempts to save her and is shot dead in the process, right in front of poor Bix.

Timm calling the Empire on Cassian may have been selfish and wrong, but his death is still a sad one. Bix was furious at him when she found out about his betrayal, but she's still traumatized by his murder. In defense of the character, Timm did genuinely seem to believe that Cassian was a dangerous man.

9. Salman Paak

Salman Paak's death at the hands of the Empire may have happened offscreen, but it still stands as one of the series' most terrifying. Paak lives on Ferrix where he operates Repaak Salyard, a local junk and salvage shop. He works closely with Bix Caleen, hiding a communication box in the junkyard for Bix to use to contact the rebellion. According to Dedra Meero, he had at some point attended separatist meetings as well.

Unfortunately, after the Empire occupies Ferrix and the ISB investigates the town, Paak is taken into custody. He is tortured for days on end, and the sight of him post-torture is used to intimidate Bix once she is brought in for interrogation. After some time in Imperial custody, Meero signs off on having the poor man hanged in the streets to send a message to anyone else in the town that might be withholding information.

While his death is never seen, it is confirmed by his son, Wilmon. Furious over the Empire's treatment of his father, Wilmon gathers some homemade explosive devices to use against the Empire during Maarva's funeral. Thankfully, Wilmon is not killed by the Empire during the riots.

8. Xaul and Birnok

Xaul and Birnok were both prisoners at the Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex and members of Unit Five-Two-D. While the reasons for their imprisonments are not given, it's safe to say that they were done dirty by the Empire in some way.

Initially, both Xaul and Birnok keep their heads down, trying to maximize work productivity and serve their sentences. However, after it's determined by Cassian Andor and Kino Loy that the Empire doesn't plan on ever releasing them, the two join Cassian in his plan to escape. Sadly, neither man makes it out of the prison. Birnok is shot while trying to climb up the Unit Five-Two-D elevator, and Xaul is killed while trying to distract the Imperial guards long enough for Cassian to take the platform.

Xaul and Birnok both died heroically while trying to help their fellow prisoners escape. The fact that neither got to see the outcome of their bravery — several prisoners gained their freedom after jumping into the water below the prison — makes their deaths all the more devastating.

7. Xanwan

Poor Xanwan. He's a man who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and this ultimately costs him his life. Like many of the show's recurring characters, Xanwan is a resident of Ferrix, a good friend of Brasso and Cassian. He owns a transport business on Ferrix, and seems to be very in touch with the community around him.

Xanwan gets a call from Cassian before Maarva's funeral. Cassian isn't aware that Maarva died while he was a prisoner on Narkina 5, so Xanwan breaks the news to him, which in turn gives him the indication that Cassian may try to come back for the funeral. He accidentally lets his communication with Andor slip while talking to Nurchi, not knowing that the latter intended to tell the Empire.

Cassian's potential arrival, along with the Empire's attempts at stopping Maarva's funeral, leads to a full-blown riot on Rix Road. Many protesters are killed by Imperials during the riots. Sadly, one of those protesters is Xanwan, who is shot down by blaster fire. It's a sad moment, both for the characters and for the viewers at home.

6. Taramyn Barcona

Taramyn Barcona is another member of Vel Sartha's Aldhani team. A former Imperial Stormtrooper, Barcona is in charge of training the Aldhani team to make sure they are ready for the raid. Because of his background, he's able to teach the team how to blend in with the Imperial troopers by learning their marching patterns and formations.

Barcona is an honorable man. After leaving the Empire due to its tyranny and distasteful actions, he became a true believer in the rebellion's cause. He wants to see the galaxy freed, but he's more realistic about their chances than Karis Nemik is. During the Aldhani mission, Barcona sacrifices his life to save Vel after she gets pinned down by blaster fire.

Barcona was unfortunately left behind after being shot, with his team knowing that he was unlikely to have survived the injury. It's a real blow, but Barcona died as honorably as he lived. His brave actions allow Vel Sartha to escape with her life.

5. Ulaf

Ulaf is another prisoner at the Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex assigned to Unit Five-Two-D. He works at Cassian's table and is one of the oldest men in the prison. During Cassian's stay on Narkina 5, Ulaf's health begins to slowly decline. He starts having a hard time completing the mechanical work, with his teammates often filling in and finishing his work for him.

Near the end of one of his shifts, only forty days from his supposed release, Ulaf suddenly collapses. Dr. Rhasiv, another inmate, is called to check on him. He is sadly pronounced braindead, and Dr. Rhasiv ends his life. When Loy expresses his sadness over Ulaf passing so close to his release, Rhasiv tells him the shocking news that no one ever leaves the prison, causing Andor to set in motion the riot that allows them to escape.

While Ulaf never lived to see the prisoners escape, his death was in many ways an important catalyst that pushed the prisoners to finally make a move against the Empire. Ulaf was well-liked by everyone that worked with him, so his mistreatment and untimely death helped motivate them to fight for their own lives.

4. Lieutenant Gorn

Lieutenant Gorn is an important player in the famous Aldhani mission that helps inspire a full-scale rebellion against the Empire. Gorn is an Imperial officer secretly working with Vel's team to help pull off the credits heist. While Gorn rarely works directly with the team, he leaks the information necessary to make the heist a reality.

While working with Vel's team, Cassian learns that Gorn's loyalty to the Empire began to wane after he fell in love with a local Aldhani woman. After she was killed by the Empire, Gorn secretly changed sides and began giving secrets to the rebels. Sadly, he's one of the many crew members who don't survive the Aldhani mission: Gorn gets shot after the team is discovered by Corporal Kimzi.

Gorn was the first member of the Aldhani team to be killed during the mission, and his death was a difficult blow to both the team and the audience. After hearing his backstory, many viewers were likely hoping to see Gorn get a chance at revenge against the Empire, but Kimzi's unexpected arrival cut that hope short.

3. Clem Andor

The only character on this list to have died before the events of the show, Clem Andor was the husband of Maarva Andor and the adoptive father of Cassian. He is first seen during a flashback segment in which he and Maarva find a young Cassian Andor aboard a downed starship on Kenari. Knowing that the Empire planned to destroy Kenari, they took Cassian and adopted him. Cassian became close with both Clem and Maarva, seeing them as his parents.

It may be apparent from his absence early on that Clem died before the events of the show, but it isn't revealed until later that he was killed by the Empire. During a riot on Rix Road, protesters began to throw stones at Imperial troopers. Clem tried to calm the protesters down but was mistaken for one himself. He was captured by the Empire and hanged on Rix Road, enraging Cassian and causing him to charge a group of Stormtroopers with a stun baton.

While Clem didn't have much screen time in "Andor," his death is felt in many of Cassian's actions and decisions. He adopts Clem's name as his codename during the Aldhani mission, and he talks to Clem's brick after returning for Maarva's funeral. His death helped to stoke Cassian's hatred for the Empire, and will likely be instrumental in his decision to join the Rebel Alliance.

2. Karis Nemik

The final member of the Aldhani crew to lose his life during the mission, Karis Nemik's death is tough on the remaining team members. Unlike Gorn and Barcona, Nemik actually makes it onto the escape shuttle after it gets loaded with credits. However, he gets crushed as they make their escape, pinned against a wall by a huge payload of credits. Vel attempts to save his life by bringing him to a doctor who sympathizes with the rebels, but he dies from his injuries on the table.

In many ways, Nemik was the beating heart of the Aldhani team. A true believer in the rebel cause, he was writing a manifesto that he believed might help sway others to take action against the Empire. Unlike the more pessimistic Andor, Nemik believed that the Empire could be defeated and that the galaxy would eventually see better days.

After Nemik's death, Vel gave his manifesto to Cassian, saying that Nemik wanted him to have it. His ability to see the best in people was nothing short of inspiring. Nemik's death left a big hole in the rebel machine, with his kind heart and eternal optimism being a huge miss. It's one of the saddest deaths in Season 1 of "Andor," but it's not the saddest.

1. Maarva Andor

Unlike most characters on this list, Maarva Andor's life is not cut short by the horrific actions of the Empire. Instead, she dies after a long battle with an unknown illness at a relatively old age, but her passing is no less sad or traumatic as a result.

Maarva is one of the most selfless characters in "Andor." She took Cassian in and adopted him after he lost his home, and she devoted much of her life to helping better Ferrix by working with the Daughters of Ferrix. Toward the end of her life, Maarva began to wish that she had done more to fight the oppression of the Empire. She recorded a message to the people of Ferrix urging them to rise up against the Imperial occupation, and it had the desired effect.

The impact of Maarva's death is felt heavily by everyone on Ferrix. Seeing her droid, B2EMO, trying to deal with her passing is easily one of the show's most heartbreaking moments, though seeing the community on Ferrix rally around to take care of him is heartwarming. The most devastating thing is that Cassian was not able to see her before she passed, as he was serving a long sentence on Narkina 5. By the time he escaped, she had already died, leaving him without any living family.