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Mario Visits A Toad-Filled Market In A New Clip From The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The history of video game movie adaptations is littered with numerous failures. While looking at some of the worst ranked of the bunch, one only has to mention "BloodRayne" or "Max Payne" to drudge up painful reminders for gamers at the theaters. But lately, it feels as if studios may have figured out how to produce successful video-game-based films. For instance, the "Sonic the Hedgehog" movies have proved it's possible to make a fun adaptation that also balances doing justice to the source material. While the blue speedster has enjoyed movie success, his once fierce rival from the '90s may finally get the type of movie he's also long deserved.

Illumination is the studio behind "The Super Mario Bros. Movie." The upcoming film looks like a wonderfully animated feature with an all-star cast of actors behind it. So far, some fans are a bit divided over Chris Pratt taking the lead as Mario. Still, for the most part, the full-length trailer for the film has suggested Illumination is aiming to deliver a more than worthy adaptation for the "Super Mario Bros." franchise. The trailer was full of Easter eggs and small details from nearly all of Mario's video game adventures throughout the decades. And a newly released clip of Mario visiting a Toad-filled market is only continuing that trend.

Fans will recognize a particular Toad-centric theme

In the brief new clip, Mario makes his way through a market to reach what looks like Princess Peach's castle. Toad (Keegan-Michael Key) is nosily guiding Mario through a crowded Mushroom Kingdom with his fellow Toad people. And at one point, Toad tells everyone to make way as Mario's brother is in danger. This seems to follow what we saw in the last trailer, where Mario loses his brother Luigi (Charlie Day) while warping away from their home. Later, Luigi is forced to meet with Bowser (Jack Black).

Speaking of warping, Mario in the clip is not an expert at traveling through pipes like his game counterpart. The clip shows the plumber whooshing and crashing about as he speeds through a tube, poorly battered by the time he finally emerges.

We're already getting a sense of the comedic tone for Illumination's "Super Mario Bros." movie with the little scene. Yet besides promising laughs, the clip also displays some more neat references from the games. Many of them are instantly recognizable, such as the coin blocks all the residents in the market hit and the different floating platforms Mario has to use to travel. But there are also a few subtle ones, such as the familiar melody that plays at the beginning. "Super Mario Bros. 3" fans should recognize it as the theme whenever you visit Toad's House. In the NES classic, visiting Toad's House meant an opportunity to earn a special power-up through a guessing game. That attention to detail to the franchise's legacy may cement "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" as a standout next year.