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The Santa Clauses Fans Are Over The Moon For Bernard's Return In Episode 5

Tim Allen's prolific run on the television series "Home Improvement" arguably played the largest part in launching the comedic actor's meteoric career, but it was his 1994 appearance as jolly-old Saint Nicholas in "The Santa Clause" that endeared him to a ho-ho-host of fans, particularly during the holiday season. The popularity of the three-film "Santa Clause" series even prompted Disney+ to revive the franchise with a new streaming show, "The Santa Clauses." Unfortunately, at least through the first four episodes, the beloved character of Bernard the Elf (David Krumholtz) was missing in action.

However, fans of the Disney+ production received an early holiday gift when the much-adored elf finally returned in Episode 5 of "The Santa Clauses," titled "Across the Yule-Verse." And the actor isn't at all in the dark when it comes to how popular and loved Bernard is by enthusiasts of the "Santa Clause" universe. "To this day, it's what I get recognized for most," Krumholtz said in an interview with Time. "I'm super grateful for it. I feel like I owe the universe a debt of gratitude for the privilege of being popular for anything."

"From what Tim Allen told me, the Internet reaction was so violent for me to return, or for Bernard to return, that they couldn't not have me back," Krumholtz said in the same interview. "So, truly it is a thing that the fans made happen." Yes, Krumholtz and Allen couldn't have been more right, and fanatics of the original "Santa Clause" films were delighted to see Bernard return.

Bernard is back, and the fans love it

"BERNARD!!!!!!!!!!" @Southern_Bkworm tweeted as Bernard the Elf made his entrance in "The Santa Clauses" for a new adventure with Scott (Tim Allen) and a plethora of other Santas who exist across the Yule-Verse. Bernard even explains that his absence, which occurs in "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause," is due to his marriage to a mortal woman. Regardless of the reason, fans couldn't be happier to have Bernard back. "Bernard finally making his comeback just makes me want another film or a longer series," @EmmaLBeatty tweeted. "Deffo the best episode so far."

And it appears that Bernard's return sparked even more interest in the Disney+ streaming series, despite the nostalgic sleigh ride's mediocre performance with both fans and critics (per Rotten Tomatoes). "Omg episode 5 was so good," @tcaoitTW posted on Twitter. "BERNARD was so great seeing him again. What an amazing story and I'm dying for the finale episode next week. Wish there were more episodes."

Tim Allen himself even admitted to Jimmy Fallon that the original "Santa Clause" films did have some significant plot holes (via The Tonight Show), but the character of Scott Calvin's Santa, like Bernard the Elf, continues to resonate with fans. "Really interesting twist that Scott was the first human Santa and that he was deliberately chosen," @doglovergirl07 tweeted. "It's good to see Bernard back."