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Modern Family Star Ed O'Neill Recalls An Argument He Once Had With Gene Kelly

Ed O'Neill could have rested on his laurels after the long-running success of "Married... with Children" and simply made a pretty penny being typecast, but through his sheer talent and will to work, the actor has proven he's far more than Al Bundy. He was not only part of the ensemble of another highly successful sitcom with "Modern Family," but he's also racked up credits over the decades with names like John Hughes and David Mamet. The point is, O'Neill has been around the block more than a few times and he's showing no signs of slowing down. 

O'Neill's career in Hollywood spans so far back that the actor actually has a memorable story he recently shared about "Singin' in the Rain" legend Gene Kelly. Even with O'Neill's credits dating back to 1980, it might still be a little shocking that O'Neill interacted with Kelly, considering the performer's final credit was in 1986, or a decade before his death.

O'Neill and Kelly did not have the opportunity to work together — although imagining Kelly popping up "Married with Children" is pretty fun — but O'Neill did attend a dinner party with Kelly, and the two, unfortunately, did not get along during the night. O'Neill shared the story on an episode of the "Fly on the Wall" podcast with "Saturday Night Live" alums Dana Carvey and David Spade.

Ed O'Neill and Gene Kelly had a lively geographical debate

While on the "Fly on the Wall" podcast, Ed O'Neill shared at the 52-minute mark or so that he was once invited to Gene Kelly's house because someone he knew was friends with Kelly's wife. The actor said he was excited to go because he could meet Kelly, but they two ended up in a geographical dispute. 

O'Neill told Kelly he is from Youngstown, Ohio, and Kelly was excited because he was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Kelly eventually mentioned Sharon, Pennsylvania, and O'Neill said he used to drive there all the time, surprising Kelly, who thought it was more than 100 miles from Youngstown. O'Neill said Kelly mocked him all night over the seeming error. Later, however, O'Neill had a map delivered to Kelly showing he was wrong. Kelly, in turn, sent O'Neill a handwritten note. 

"It's Gene Kelly stationary: 'Dear Ed, They must've moved Sharon, Pennsylvania, since I was there. The Rolling Rock and the humble pie are on me. Your friend, Gene Kelly," the actor recalled on the "Fly on the Wall" podcast. O'Neill also revealed Kelly's wife told him the legendary performer looked through maps after O'Neill's note until he had to admit he was wrong. 

"I called his wife and said, 'he's so gracious' and she said, 'hey, that did not come easy. He was up there pouring over his maps, cursing, and finally, he realized he was wrong where Sharon, Pennsylvania, was,'" he said.