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Jensen Ackles Was Able To Keep His Prize Impala After Supernatural's Finale

When it comes to adoring fans, some might argue that the most passionate are those within the "Supernatural" fandom. Since the show's debut in 2005, viewers loved watching Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester as they fought demons and met gods across a whopping 15 seasons and 327 episodes. Even two years after the finale, there is still a deep love for this fantastical, and rather heartbreaking, series. With a prequel, "The Winchesters," at the CW — following John (Drake Rodger) and Mary (Meg Donnelly) Winchester — fans are excited to have a new way to celebrate their favorite show. 

During "Supernatural's" impressive run, Padalecki and Ackles were constantly surrounded by props that helped the Winchester brothers on their harrowing journeys. While Padalecki admitted (to Digital Spy) to having tons of trinkets that "I hope to hold dear forever and ever," Ackles got to own a particular piece of the show that has been there since the very beginning. 

He Got Baby

In an interview with Digital Spy from before they filmed the final episode, Jensen Ackles — who is now starring in Amazon's "The Boys" – said that he was given permission to take Dean's beloved 1967 Chevrolet Impala. "I begged and begged and pleaded for years, but I finally got it," he said, surely gleeful that his efforts paid off. 

As fans know, the Impala, which Dean affectionally refers to as "Baby," has been a "Supernatural" staple since the first season. Having been passed down to him from his father, John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) — it is revealed in the episode, "In The Beginning," that Future Dean actually convinces John (Matt Cohen) to buy it in the first place — the car has been by Dean and Sam's side through several dangerous adventures, even in animated form when the brothers meet the Scooby Gang.

The fact that Ackles gets to own the Impala is such a big deal. The car has been a huge part of the series, becoming a character in its own right, and it only makes sense that the actor playing Dean gets to keep Baby and all the memories that it holds.