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Not All Stranger Things Fans Are Happy About The Love Triangle

"Stranger Things 4" came out earlier in 2022 after a nearly 3-year-long hiatus. Pushed back because of COVID-19 and other unforeseen circumstances, fans nervously awaited the show's return, hoping it would keep the same magic that the earlier seasons managed. Much to their joy, Season 4 returned with a huge impact. Season 4 introduced Vecna, the newest antagonist of the series, that finally started answering questions about the Upside Down and the Mindflayer. Fans also got to meet and mourn their fan-favorite guitar hero, Eddie.

With an iconic soundtrack that won't soon be forgotten, stunning imagery, and the horror cranked up to an Eleven, "Stranger Things" proved that even all of its setbacks wouldn't ruin the quality the show's known for. Fans reacted positively to most aspects of the season, although many were upset with Eddie's death. With praise for the characterization the leads offered, the interwoven storytelling that connected back to Season 1, and the sense of unease that lingered through the entire season, there weren't many things to nitpick at.

That said, Steve falling back on the tracks of being helplessly in love with Nancy had many fans groaning. Despite being in a relationship with Jonathan (who she chose over Steve when she was with Steve), Nancy encourages and even reciprocates these feelings. The fans aren't impressed with this love triangle's development.

One fan believes Steve deserves better than Nancy

Redditor u/bananaperson88 started a thread saying, "I am not vibing the love triangle between Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve. Nancy has already chosen Jonathan over Steve once; granted, Steve wasn't a great boyfriend back then. But Steve has really grown as a person, and I think he deserves someone who sees him as a first choice."

This points out why people are unhappy with the love triangle. Nancy cheated on Steve with Jonathan in Season 1. She chose Jonathan over Steve even though Steve wasn't actually wrong. He sometimes came off as a jerk, but he caught Jonathan stalking him, his girlfriend, and his friends and taking inappropriate photos of them without their knowledge or consent. He had every right to call Jonathan out and distrust him. When his friends went too far, Steve stepped in to stop them. In reality, while Steve made some mistakes with Nancy, he wasn't bad to her. He also spent a lot of his time trying to make up for the mistakes he did make, even going as far as to make up with Jonathan.

For Nancy to cheat on Steve and then leave him for the person she cheated with was a devastating blow to Steve's heart. Watching him still be hopelessly in love with her is almost pitiful to watch. And watching her somewhat return those feelings but not commit is enraging because she's the one who cheated and left.

Other fans agree that the love triangle isn't their favorite

Redditor u/LuvPibble wrote joined in on the thread with, "Jonathan needs a gap year. Nancy needs to be single and go to college, so she doesn't end up like her parents. Steve needs someone who loves him as much as he loves Nancy because, let's face it, the love between Steve and Nancy is so one-sided."

Fans seem to disagree on whether or not the love between Nancy and Steve is one-sided or not. Many claim it's heavily on Steve's side, while others think that Nancy's behavior in Season 4 is borderline cheating on Jonathan. While there are arguments to be made for both sides, many fans in the discussion board seemed to agree that Nancy being single for a while would be the best move for her.

U/divinecandle777 agreed that Nancy should probably be single by saying, "I agree! While I ship Steve and Nancy, I think that Steve should be with someone who sees him as a first choice. But I also think Nancy needs some self-discovery time in college. Maybe when they're both ready, they would find each other again; who knows."

U/AlpacaMyDinosaurs wrote a breakdown of how Steve and Nancy have both grown as characters since their relationship in Season 1 and pointed out that each has outgrown the need for a romantic relationship. They ended their little analysis by insisting, "I'd rather both of them be single!"

Fans have a problem with Nancy's tendency for cheating

While some fans believe the love between Nancy and Steve is Steve-sided, many were quick to point out that Nancy isn't innocent in it. Fans had called out her tendency to both literally cheat or "emotionally cheat" when she isn't getting what she needs from her current partner.

U/kitkatnis said, "I really am done with the Nancy love situation. She needs to be single for a while so she can figure out what she wants. This hopping between guys thing is annoying, not to mention she just emotionally cheats on them when she gets tired of one ..."

This comment calls out how toxic Nancy's behavior is. It's fine to lose interest, but the responsible thing would be to break up. Instead, Nancy drags her feat and puts the boys who love her through the wringer while she bounces around between them, trying to figure out what makes her happy. This behavior shows little regard for how it affects the boys she's hopping between, and it's about time she's held responsible for that.