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Sterling K. Brown Unveils Black Panther Spoof On SNL

In honor of Black Panther crossing the $1 billion mark worldwide, its star Sterling K. Brown unveiled a new "deleted scene" during his Saturday Night Live hosting stint. The scene features T'Challa (Chris Redd) meeting his great-great-grandfather T'Kana (Brown), great aunt Oni (Leslie Jones), and Uncle M'Butu (Kenan Thompson).

The clip starts with T'Challa in the spirit realm, meeting with T'Kana and Oni, who tell him that all of his relatives are there — even the ones who married into the family line. This is what brings in Thompson's M'Butu, who is a burger flipping, pink shirt-wearing American who was killed just a couple days ago after suggesting his Dora Milaje wife wear a wig.

M'Butu does not fit in on the celestial plane. He's always looking for weed, but the other ancestors tell him there is none. While all the other ancestors get to turn into panthers, he just turns into a warthog, because he is "friendly and every now and then [eats] a little trash." "Uncle M'Butu is still adjusting," explains Brown's T'Kana. "You can't pick your family." 

As it turns out, T'Challa took this trip to the ancestral plane to get advice about an upcoming attack planned by the Jabari tribe. T'Kana advices him to approach them with respect, but his inspirational speech is repeatedly interrupted by M'Butu's attempts to get him to try one of his still-frozen lion burgers.

Brown plays N'Jobu in Black Panther and also stars as Randall Pearson on NBC's hit series This Is Us. This was the actor's first time hosting Saturday Night Live. The sketch series returns next week with host Bill Hader and musical guest Arcade Fire.