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Christian Bale Goes Full Murder Mystery In The Trailer For The Pale Blue Eye

Christian Bale certainly knows a thing or two about detective work or at least playing somebody who knows a thing or two. Having previously been "The World's Greatest Detective" Batman, a gun-wielding martial artist investigator in "Equilibrium," and a man locked in a game of wits with Hugh Jackman in "The Prestige," Bale certainly has the acting chops to revel in a murder mystery. "The Pale Blue Eye" is an upcoming Netflix movie that will see a limited theatrical release on December 23 while becoming available for streaming on January 6, 2023. Based on the book by Louis Bayard, "The Pale Blue Eye" is a mystery that follows a grizzled and veteran investigator known as Augustus Landor (Bale) who soon is aided in his detective work by a young and inquisitive Edgar Allan Poe (Harry Melling).

According to IMDb, "The Pale Blue Eye" has an exceptionally impressive cast consisting of Bale, Robert Duvall, Gillian Anderson, Timothy Spall, Toby Jones, and Melling, among many others. "The Pale Blue Eye" is also written and directed by Scott Cooper, who has worked with Bale previously in "Hostiles" and "Out of the Furnace," and he recently told Tudum, "At the time that I was writing it, Christian Bale, who's my closest pal and collaborator, would have been too young to play the aging and retired Constable Augustus Landor. And now he's the perfect age." So now that the trailer has dropped for "The Pale Blue Eye," what might viewers expect from this upcoming thriller?

The trailer for The Pale Blue Eye is haunting and tense

The above trailer starts with a dramatic scene involving Christian Bale's character of Augustus Landor. Slowing walking to the precipice of a snowy and foreboding cliff, the voice of Edgar Allan Poe is heard asking about a story where Landor was able to elicit a confession by simply looking at the individual. Landor then replies that criminals will often incriminate themselves given enough time. The trailer then shifts gears to West Point Academy in 1830, where one of the cadets has been killed. Although Landor is initially confused as to why he has been called to this event, it is revealed that the cadet's heart has been surgically removed, which certainly causes a tremendous amount of suspicion and fear.

As the music begins to swell, voices are heard questioning who could do such a thing, and then a potential motivation for the killer comes into play — supposed instructions for immortality. Secrets, runes, ciphers, investigations, and snowy images begin to play at a fever pitch as more victims are found. Haunting and beautiful, the trailer for "The Pale Blue Eye" looks to be a tense period piece that will showcase gorgeous cinematography, fantastic performances, and plenty of nods to fans of Edgar Allan Poe.