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HBO's The Palace - What We Know So Far

There don't seem to be any days off over at HBO, as the network is constantly premiering, announcing, or working on a new series. Every project always seems to include some of the top talents in Hollywood, with many actors making the jump to the small screen. It's an understandable decision, as HBO seems to attract the best directors, writers, and producers, practically guaranteeing an actor at least a few Emmy nominations. 

HBO's schedule always seems jam-packed, with notable shows constantly premiering episodes week after week. When one ends, it feels like another one immediately arrives to make sure you spend your Sunday nights in front of the TV. The network just wrapped up the inaugural season of "House of the Dragon," which was closely followed by "The White Lotus" Season 2. "His Dark Materials" returned for Season 3, continuing into next year, and "The Last of Us" premieres in January 2023. 

Earlier this year, Kate Winslet signed on to star and produce in yet another upcoming HBO series. This one is an adaptation of Hernan Diaz's best-selling novel "Trust," following a wealthy executive who hires a ghostwriter to rewrite a memoir that slandered him and his wife, effectively rewriting his history. Not only is "Trust" not the only HBO series to keep your eyes on, but it isn't even Winslet's only upcoming show on the network, as HBO also signed the actress on for "The Palace."

When will The Palace be released?

HBO announced "The Palace" back in July 2022, but there is no release date currently tied to the project. The limited series is still in the midst of rounding out its cast, with new announcements surely coming in the near future. From the sound of things, the show is still in the early stages of development, as it doesn't seem like HBO has a final draft of the script.

Judging by HBO Max's trailer showcasing their upcoming lineup of shows, fans could be waiting a while for "The Palace." As mentioned previously, the network is finishing up "The White Lotus" Season 2 and just getting started with "His Dark Materials" Season 3. As we enter the new year, HBO Max is full of premieres, including "The Last of Us," "The White House Plumbers," "The Idol," "Love & Death," and "Full Circle," plus countless shows returning for new seasons. Judging by the network's jampacked schedule and the show's current status, "The Palace" is more than likely looking at a 2024 release, late 2023 at the absolute latest.

What is the plot of The Palace?

HBO has yet to release any tangible information regarding the plot of "The Palace." The limited series focuses on an authoritarian regime and shows the events that occur over a year's time as it begins to fall apart. HBO is also keeping all character details under wraps. As mentioned previously, "The Palace" looks to be in the very early stages of production, so the writers more than likely have yet to finalize a script. From the looks of things, the story of the limited series will be entirely fictional, so don't expect it to join the likes of HBO's "Chernobyl" or Netflix's "The Crown."

Because of its fictional nature and the lack of press releases, it's hard to pinpoint what exactly the show will be about. HBO's Programming executive VP Francesca Orsi shared some real excitement for "The Palace," saying, "We are honored to be working with this incredibly talented group of filmmakers on "The Palace.' The notion that Kate Winslet and Stephen Frears, two of our industry's leading lights (who, remarkably, have never collaborated before now), are joining forces to bring Will Tracy's wildly original, prescient, and dazzling scripts to life at HBO is a dream come true for us."

Who is starring in The Palace?

"The Palace" marks the return of two A-list Hollywood actors to HBO, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant. The limited series marks the fourth time Winslet will work with the network. The English actress had outstanding performances in HBO's "Mildred Pierce" and "Mare of Easttown," landing her an Emmy award for both roles. She is also set to star in another limited series, "Trust," which is also in the early stages of development.

Hugh Grant is also no newcomer to working with HBO. The English actor played Jonathan Fraser in HBO's "The Undoing," earning himself an Emmy nomination. However, that's not the only reunion waiting for Grant on the set of "The Palace," as he and director Stephen Frears have previously worked together as well. The two joined forces on "Florence Foster Jenkins" and "A Very English Scandal," which earned each of them an Emmy nomination.

Other actors joining Winslet and Grant in "The Palace" include Matthias Schoenaerts and Andrea Riseborough. Schoenaerts is a Belgian actor who's best known for his roles in "Rust and Bone," "The Danish Girl," and "Red Sparrow." English actor Riseborough has previously had parts in "Oblivion," "Birdman," and "Nocturnal Animals."

Who is producing The Palace?

It's clear that HBO likes to keep things in-house, bringing back numerous cast and crew members they have previously worked with for "The Palace." The limited series comes from the mind of writer and executive producer Will Tracy. He's previously worked with HBO on the award-winning series "Succession" and "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver." Joining Tracy in the writing room are Seth Reiss ("The Menu"), Juli Weiner ("Last Week Tonight"), Jen Spyra ("The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"), Gary Shteyngart ("Absurdistan"), and Sarah DeLappe ("Bodies Bodies Bodies").

English director Stephen Frears, who made "Philomena," "Florence Foster Jenkins," and "State of the Union," is on board as director. However, it's unclear how many episodes he will helm (via The Hollywood Reporter). Frears, Tracy, Kate Winslet, Frank Rich, and Tracey Seaward will all serve as executive producers on the series. 

"The Palace" is still in the early stages of development. HBO is finalizing the cast, crew, and any production issues before filming can begin.