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Ice Road Truckers' Todd Dewey Survived An Accident That Left Two Dead

With the use of a good heater and insulated clothes, the conditions inside a truck driver's cabin can be as cozy as they are in some viewers' homes. Of course, the dangers are surely nowhere near as close. That's been pretty apparent to fans of "Ice Road Truckers," which aired on History for 11 seasons. The series follows real-life truck drivers whose deliveries require them to trek across the slippery roads of the Arctic North American territory. These long-haul workers can face horrific consequences if the journey isn't negotiated with the utmost focus and skill.

When "Ice Road Truckers" aired its first episode in 2007, fans immediately understood the dangerous conditions of the profession. However, it's the unforeseen, uncontrollable factors that these professionals face that may be the most terrifying. No matter how experienced or skilled the drivers are, mishaps that are out of their hands can result in serious, and possibly even fatal, injuries. One of those factors, of course, has to be the other drivers on the road. Featured ice truck driver Todd Dewey had one of these unfortunate experiences when another car's mistake not only caused a serious accident, but also took lives.

Todd Dewey's head-on collision in 2019 left two people dead

The featured drivers on History's "Ice Road Truckers," face incredible obstacles that, when misjudged, can lead to serious injury or even death. But, as Todd Dewey found out, there are other factors that can occur in which a driver's road knowledge plays no part in its avoidance. Here, the situation gets turned over to the hands of fate. That is exactly what happened in 2019 to Dewey's truck on Highway US-101 near Shelton, Washington. 

In January 2019, Truckers News reported that Dewey posted a message on Facebook saying, "Thank you everyone for the prayers and kind messages. Yes, I was in a head-on collision yesterday!" While Dewey was not injured, the accident took the lives of two people — Stephen John Jacobson, 65, and an unnamed female passenger, according to Peninsula Daily News. The report goes on to explain that the victim's 1996 Saturn crossed over the center divider line of the freeway, striking the front of Dewey's 2008 Kenworth logging truck.

Even though the accident itself left Dewey unharmed, that's not to say it didn't result in some emotional damage. "I'm so emotionally sick that [two] people perished and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I'm very [shaken] up and very sore, but ok," Dewey wrote on Facebook. As scary as it was, it's just one of the many different terrifying possibilities that fans have watched these daring truckers experience for the eleven years it aired.