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Chainsaw Man's Dub Actors Have Very Similar Personal Demons - Exclusive

The world of the anime and manga series "Chainsaw Man" is plagued by Devils — beings that personify humanity's fears. The more common and/or intense the fear, the more powerful the Devil representing it is. The Public Safety Devil Hunters work to protect humanity from the dangers Devils pose. Many members have contracts with Devils to gain powers in battle, while some are monsters of different kinds themselves, including the Fiend (humanoid Devil) Power and the human-Devil hybrid Denji (AKA Chainsaw Man).

Looper got the chance to do two group interviews with the anime's English dub cast: one with Ryan Colt Levy (Denji) and Reagan Murdock (Aki), and one with Suzie Yeung (Makima) and Sarah Wiedenheft (Power). In both interviews, we asked the voice actors what their own greatest fears are and what they would be like if they took the form of Devils. In what could either be considered a case of great minds thinking alike or, as Murdock put it, sharing a single brain cell, both interview groups arrived at the exact same answers.

The actors can't stand spiders and cockroaches

Wiedenheft and Yeung spent a long time trying to answer this question, with Wiedenheft initially proposing more abstract ideas like the Abandonment Devil — "it would come up [and be] like, 'No one loves you,'" and the Taxes Devil. Yeung said, "It would drown you in taxes, and you'll forever owe money." 

Trying to think about what truly scares her, however, Wiedenheft changed her train of thought to a Tarantula Devil. Yeung expressed a fear of all bugs, to which Wiedenheft came up with what was ultimately both women's final answer: the Cockroach Devil. "It is literally impossible to kill," Yeung stated, though Wiedenheft thinks Chainsaw Man cut through its body to kill it ... "unless it's preggo."

Murdock answered the question, "In a physical sense? Probably a Cockroach Devil. I hate bugs. But if you're talking in a more philosophical sense, I don't know — what would the Failure Devil look like?" 

Levy said Murdock's answer was a "good one," but personally picked a Spider Devil, similar to Wiedenheft's Tarantula Devil. "I love spiders as far as what they could do for the home," Levy explained, "but I'm not a fan of ... If something of that nature were in Devil form, that'd be pretty terrifying."

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