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The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Teaser Released On International Women's Day

Hulu released a new teaser trailer for the second season of The Handmaid's Tale on a day with special significance.

The brief trailer (above) arrived on International Women's Day, and that can't be a coincidence. But as we can see, Offred (Elisabeth Moss) still has a horrifying journey ahead of her. 

In the trailer, Offred lists the requirements for handmaids under the rule of the authoritarian Gilead regime: "Wear the red dress. Wear the wings. Shut your mouth. Be a good girl. Roll over, and spread your legs." But Offred concludes with a defiant, "What the actual..."

Details about the second season of the Emmy-winning drama are still mostly secret, however, we do know a few things. Offred successfully conceived a child in the first season, and her pregnancy will definitely shape season 2. Now that she's with child, she's even more determined to fight for her freedom. We'll also learn more about Offred's mother (Cherry Jones) and Ofglen (Alexis Bledel), along with her ties to the resistance named Mayday.

Here's the tagline for the upcoming season: "We are in hell. But we are still the fury." 

Created, written, and executive produced by Bruce Miller, the acclaimed Hulu series is based on the dystopian 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood. The author recently said that while she's glad the series has brought renewed attention to The Handmaid's Tale, she also wishes that the real world would change enough that her vision of a dystopian and misogynistic future didn't seem so prescient. 

"I'm glad people are talking about The Handmaid's Tale again," she said. "Every election, there's a surge in book sales. But I would like to live in a society where people are not saying, 'Oh my god, this is where this is going to happen.' I would prefer this not to be happening."

Hulu will stream the first two episodes of season 2 beginning April 25. Take a look at the poster below.