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The Most Disturbing Moments From Chucky Season 2

When it was first announced that the iconic killer doll Chucky was heading to television courtesy of the USA Network, longtime fans of the horror franchise were ecstatic. The first season of Don Mancini's "Chucky" was quite simply a dream come true for lovers of the "Child's Play" films and slasher movies in general. The series mainly follows a trio of high schoolers — Jake (Zackary Arthur), Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind), and Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) — who find themselves in the crosshairs of the titular menace. Along for the blood-soaked ride are returning series characters such as Tiffany Valentine, Andy Barclay, and Nica Pierce.

The first season was a glorious crossbreed, mixing elements of the franchise's past with some newer elements and setting up an exciting future in the process. Season 2 ups the ante in a big way, resulting in a bevy of creepy scenes. We've compiled a list of the most disturbing moments from "Chucky" Season 2. Spoilers ahead.

Chucky causes the death of a child

Season 2 picks up a short while after the events of Season 1, with the main trio separated due to their new living situations. Jake is living with a fairly normal family in Salem, New Jersey, alongside a younger boy named Gary. All seems moderately fine for Jake and his friends, apart from Lexy, who is shown to be in danger. On Halloween night, a pint-sized intruder breaks into Lexy's house, setting off a ton of red flags for the trio. Jake and his boyfriend Devon make their way to Lexy's place to provide some extra protection.

Unfortunately, it's revealed that Chucky is indeed back on the hunt for the trio, having convinced a naïve Gary to bring him to Lexy's house. This unwanted house call comes complete with a homemade bomb, which, after a scuffle, is picked up by Gary. The bomb goes off, and when the show cuts ahead to a short while later, it's revealed that poor Gary died in the blast. This is what causes the trio to be sent to the Catholic School of the Incarnate Lord, where most of Season 2 takes place.

Little Gary's death by bomb was disturbing for sure, but this proved to be an amuse-bouche compared to what the rest of the season had in store.

Nica being held hostage

One of the most genuinely distressing aspects of "Chucky" Season 1 was the prolonged suffering of returning character Nica Pierce. Nica was first introduced in the film "Curse of Chucky," in which it's revealed that Charles Lee Ray has been haunting her family since before she was born. In "Cult of Chucky," we see her locked in a psychiatric ward where she's at the mercy of Chucky and her abusive therapist. The film's conclusion involves Chucky putting a variant of his soul into Nica, finally giving himself a human body to inhabit.

When we catch up with Nica-Chucky in Season 1, she's still fighting off Chucky's influence, which makes things weird between her and Tiffany, Chucky's psychotic wife. Soon enough, Tiffany reveals she prefers Nica to Chucky, even killing a version of him in the season finale. As a final, disturbing twist, Tiffany cuts off Nica's arms and legs, a failsafe to keep the Chucky inside of Nica from harming her.

Season 2 picks up with Nica locked away in a secret room that Tiffany has prepared for her, and it's super creepy to watch. Everything from the way Tiffany dotes over Nica to the way she dresses her just makes for a highly uncomfortable viewing experience.

Chucky kills Trevor

When the main trio first arrives at Incarnate Lord, Lexy is displeased to see an unwelcome face from her past: Trevor. She explains that Trevor was a childhood bully of hers who is now an altar boy at the school. Trevor, seen as a model student, begins implying to Lexy that he could make life very difficult for her. However, Lexy isn't one to be threatened easily. She quickly turns the tables on Trevor, getting him in trouble with a nun. In an act of revenge, Trevor then attempts to plant some opioid pills in Lexy and Nadine's shared room to frame her.

At the same time, Chucky arrives — that is, another variant of Chucky who has been mailed to the school. Like the Chucky who's been taking covert photos of the main trio, this Chucky seems to be working with someone known as The Colonel. What makes this Chucky different is that he's revealed to be very buff and very strong despite his minuscule stature. Jacked Chucky catches Trevor in the act and proceeds to punch a basketball-sized hole through the boy, killing him instantly.

Chucky kills Liv Morgan

The fourth episode of Season 2 uses an interesting framing device — a daytime talk show hosted by Chucky. As the episode is winding down, Chucky introduces the audience to a special guest, former-WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan. For those in the know, Morgan has been a presence in the WWE since making her main roster debut in an episode of "SmackDown Live" in 2017. She's a big fan of the "Child's Play" film series, even dressing as Chucky on an episode of "Raw" in 2021. When asked about her love for the character and series by Complex, Morgan said that she would love to cameo in Season 2 of "Chucky," adding that she would love to be killed onscreen by the titular doll.

As those who have seen Season 2 of the show know, Morgan's wish came true. After Chucky introduces her as a guest on his show in "Death on Denial," he notes that the audience likely missed seeing him in action during the episode — they never got to see him use his ten allotted f-bombs. He then asks Liv if she can help him out and proceeds to roll footage of her from a podcast appearance, in which she says that she wants to be murdered by Chucky. Despite her fearful protests, Chucky begins stabbing Liv in the chest and stomach repeatedly while filling his f-bomb quota. It's a wonderful cameo — especially for WWE fans — and it makes for one of the season's most disturbing kills.

Tiffany kills Meg Tilly

Following the events of her party, Tiffany (who is still inside the body of the actual Jennifer Tilly, having jumped into it during the hilariously meta movie "Seed of Chucky") is avoiding Glen's questions. Not just about who Tiffany Valentine is, but about the truth regarding Glen and Glenda's origins, which the siblings are in the dark about. Fans of the franchise know that they are actually the soul of Chucky and Tiffany's seed split into two human babies. But before that factoid is revealed to them, poor Glen receives one heck of a shock courtesy of mommy dearest. In a secret room hidden in Tiffany-Jennifer's mansion is the real Jennifer Tilly, revealed to still be in the Tiffany doll from "Seed of Chucky."

This is shocking enough as it is, especially considering that the fictitious version of Jennifer seen here has long been presumed dead by fans. In a hilarious twist, the real Jennifer mentions she's been providing Tiffany with money via online poker and her voice work on "Family Guy." Eventually, Glen and Jennifer's real-life sister Meg Tilly — playing herself — discover the room. With the jig well and truly up, Tiffany-Jennifer stabs Meg to death, revealing her true identity to Glen in the process. There's an insane reveal and a brutal kill here, and together they make for one of the sophomore season's most disturbing moments.

The Colonel tortures Andy

After Season 1, fans were left wondering what exactly happened to Andy after he drove off with the truck full of Good Guy dolls. It's revealed that Andy, in an attempt at heroic sacrifice, opted to drive the truck off a cliff, resulting in a fiery wreck. The surviving dolls become the Chucky variants that end up terrorizing the kids at Incarnate Lord. It's also one of these variants, a bald Chucky, who's eventually revealed to be The Colonel.

This reveal kicks off a series of cheesy but very welcome references to Francis Ford Coppola's classic film "Apocalypse Now." Colonel Chucky's voice is a dead ringer for Marlin Brando's iconic voice in his portrayal of the insane Colonel Kurtz. His lair is covered in the remains of other Chucky dolls, implying he's gone power mad and killed the other survivors. Not only that, but Andy is still alive and is being horrifically tortured by Colonel Chucky, who is cutting into his leg bit-by-bit. It's more than a little disturbing to see poor Andy, who we've known since the '80s, get mutilated like this for a prolonged period.

Chucky kills Nadine

A major benefit of doing horror in an episodic format is the ability to flesh out certain victims in order to make their deaths more meaningful. One such character in Season 2 is Nadine (Bella Higginbotham), a ditzy kleptomaniac who becomes Lexy's roommate during her time at Incarnate Lord. At first it seems like Nadine is going to be used for little more than comic relief, but this is far from the case. Nadine proves to be a welcome addition to the show, adding some levity to the group while also providing Lexy with a much-needed shoulder to cry on, especially in regard to her hidden drug addiction.

Additionally, she becomes a quasi-mother of sorts to Good Chucky after the group programs him in the style of "A Clockwork Orange." Unfortunately, Nadine learns just how deceitful Chucky can be when she rushes up the bell tower steps to find him. Chucky lures her in with his faux-innocence, and, after asking her what fairies like to do, throws her out the window. This alone is shocking, but it's witnessing the impact that makes this a truly disturbing scene, with her body landing on a Virgin Mary statue. Lexy's reaction says it all — it's an absolute gut punch of a moment, and a reminder that nobody on this show is safe.

The gruesome death of Jennifer Tilly

"Chucky" Season 2 ties up a few loose ends left over from the films, most notably "Seed of Chucky." After revealing the truth regarding the origins of Glen and Glenda, Tiffany burns down the mansion and drives off. She flees the scene with the real Jennifer Tilly (still trapped in the Tiffany doll, of course) tied up in the back seat of the car. While talking at a roadside stop, Tiffany is distracted long enough for Jennifer to undo her restraints and escape the car.

Unfortunately, she runs across the highway just in time to get turned into a Jackson Pollock painting by a semi-truck. This makes things considerably harder for Tiffany, who planned to switch back with Jennifer due to the latter being wanted for murder. Considering everything Jennifer went through from "Seed of Chucky" to this point, it's very disturbing indeed to see her get pancaked by a truck in this manner.

The exorcism of Chucky

Following the reveal that Dr. Mixter is in cahoots with Chucky, she comes to an agreement with Jake, Andy, and the rest of the group. She will allow Father Bryce to perform an exorcism on Good Chucky if it means Chucky Prime — currently inside of Nica — can then inhabit it. What ensues is basically "The Exorcist" and "Child's Play" thrown into a blender. From Chucky interacting with the version of himself inside of Nica, to the evil doll levitating from an altar, it's a whirlwind of eye-winking anarchy.

When the exorcism is complete, all seems well — until it's revealed that Chucky has actually jumped into Father Bryce's body. This leads to yet another onscreen death for poor Devon Sawa, as Father Bryce explodes in gory fashion. Nica successfully rids herself of Chucky Prime and places him into the now uninhabited Good Guy doll body. However, before Jake can drown Chucky Prime, a deranged Sister Ruth shows up with Lexy at gunpoint.

Luckily, Sister Ruth is quickly dispatched by Glenda via a knife to the eye. Dr. Mixter runs off with Chucky Prime, but Andy whips out a gun and fires off enough shots to hit and subdue Chucky Prime, presumably killing him. Any one moment from this sequence could serve as an entry here, but the entire thing is a complete madhouse.

The return of GG

In the season's penultimate episode, Nica accidentally shoots Glen while attempting to kill Tiffany outside of Incarnate Lord. In order to save Glen, Tiffany and Glenda make a rather drastic decision — putting both siblings back in their original doll body via a voodoo ritual. This leads to them breaking into Glen's hospital room and even killing a nosy cop in the process. The ritual succeeds and this leads to the horrific reveal of Glen and Glenda's pale dead bodies being found in a hospital bed. Later on, we're shown Tiffany touching up makeup for her offspring, who now chooses to go by the name GG (for Glen and Glenda).

In a much appreciated cameo, Billy Boyd returns to voice the character for the first time since "Seed of Chucky." GG, once again sporting a British accent, then decides to return to England to learn about their roots. While it's cool seeing GG in their original form again, it's more than a little unnerving to see their human counterparts dead. Lachlan Watson, best known as Theo from "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," brought a lot of charm and dark intrigue to the dual role. Hopefully we'll have a chance to see them again in an eventual third season, even if it's in a flashback.

Chucky kills Lexy's mom

It's becoming a trend on the show that really bad things happen to Lexy on major holidays because of Chucky. Following the horrific events at Incarnate Lord, both Jake and Devon join Lexy at her mother's lavish home for Christmas. This is extra awkward due to a few factors: Jake and Devon's relationship being on the rocks, and Lexy still having tension with her mother Michelle. However, during evening dinner, not only do Jake and Devon make up, but Lexy even mends fences with her mother. She notes how she never really considered her mom's feelings and her mother, in a roundabout way, admits to her own mistakes as well.

These warm feelings of yuletide forgiveness are crushed by the arrival of two unwelcome guests, Tiffany and Chucky. Tiffany is in search of the doll that Dr. Mixter gave to Lexy's sister Caroline in the first episode of Season 2. As she tries to explain to a starstruck Michelle why she's come to her house, Chucky appears on the staircase with a chainsaw. He then proceeds to cut through Michelle right in front of a horrified Tiffany, who is not pleased to see that her former flame is still alive. Despite how grating she could be, it's still horrifying to see Lexy's mom killed off in such a brutal fashion.

Caroline is evil?

Since the events of Season 1, it's been fairly obvious that something is off about Lexy's younger sister Caroline. Not only is she seemingly unphased by Chucky's ability to talk, she's also weirdly nonchalant in the most horrific of situations. Season 2 explains this weird behavior with one whammy of a reveal in the closing moments. Following the death of her mother, Lexy then returns the favor by violently carving up Chucky, killing him. Jake and Devon even get the drop on Tiffany, surprising her from under the covers and driving her off with knives.

All seems under control — until Caroline emerges with her doll and joins Tiffany, revealing her true nature. It seems Chucky has convinced Caroline that she is adopted and that he is her actual father. She even reveals that she only pretended to fear Chucky at his instruction. As a heartbroken Lexy watches on, Tiffany and a mentally cracked Caroline leave the house and speed off in Tiffany's car. Later on, Tiffany attempts to transfer into Caroline's doll, but it's revealed that the doll is actually another Chucky in disguise. The season closes out on a cackling Chucky ready to kill Tiffany as Caroline looks on with a disturbing smile on her face.