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Luke Grimes Won't Watch Yellowstone Until He's Done With It

With the fifth season of "Yellowstone" well underway, the series continues to be a ratings juggernaut for Paramount Network. In fact, according to Variety, the fifth season premiere actually outperformed that of Season 4 by nearly a million viewers. Given that viewership for "Yellowstone" only seems to get stronger as the series continues, it's increasingly likely that Taylor Sheridan and his team will be cranking out neo-Western melodrama for the foreseeable future.

That's no doubt great news for the central cast of "Yellowstone," who is set to remain gainfully employed on one of television's hottest series as long as Sheridan can keep the drama coming. And yes, it's no doubt even more comforting for them as the series was initially conceived as a single, 10-episode season (per Gold Derby). Comfort aside, the unexpectedly lengthy run of "Yellowstone" may be causing a minor problem for star Luke Grimes. That's primarily because Grimes has yet to watch a single episode of his hit series. And if his recent comments on CBS Mornings ring true, he won't watch "Yellowstone" at all until well after the series finale has aired.

Grimes wants to enjoy Yellowstone as a whole once the show is finally over

Luke Grimes has portrayed the soulful Kayce Dutton since "Yellowstone" made its cable debut back in 2018. While the oft-troubled and oft-lethal Kayce has seen his share of tumult throughout the series' run, he continues to be arguably the most level-headed Dutton in Montana. Likewise, Grimes continues to earn praise for his introspective approach to playing the part. However, Grimes indeed claims he has seen not a single frame of himself in Kayce mode. And he apparently has no intention of changing that fact until "Yellowstone" has ended.

"It's less about not watching myself and more about ... I really want to enjoy this whole series one day when I'm not doing it anymore," Grimes told his CBS Mornings hosts. He explained, "I feel like if I watch it now, it's just gonna get me in my head. And I'm gonna be judging what I'm doing, and I'm not gonna be able to enjoy the story." According to the actor, he likely won't be able to fully enjoy "Yellowstone" until well after his time on the show has ended, noting, "I feel like once I'm done with this, and I can put it away, years later, I'll sit down and really be able to enjoy it."

Grimes is obviously still keeping up with that story by reading his "Yellowstone" screenplays. He no doubt also has regular chats with Taylor Sheridan and his esteemed cast mates about what's happening. But he has yet to witness the majestic fruits of their labor. And we're betting he'll be truly floored when he finally sees "Yellowstone" in all its lavish, cinematic glory.