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The Last Of Us Trailer Song Has Fans Of The Games Losing Their Minds

The TV adaptation of the popular video game "The Last of Us" is finally arriving after a couple of years of development (via Variety) — and several more years of attempting to get the story from the 2013 Playstation-exclusive title by developer Naughty Dog on screen (per IGN). As HBO Max makes a promotional push for the show's debut on January 15, 2023, it has released a new trailer. And fans are a bit shook by the musical choice for the official teaser, which focuses on the relationship between post-apocalyptic travelers Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey). 

If you haven't seen it, the trailer features an alternative version of the '80s hit "Take on Me" from the Norwegian band a-ha. The song, which became a hit as a result of the video that featured pencil-drawn graphics, became a TikTok trend earlier this year. And fans of the two "The Last of Us" games seem to think it's the perfect choice to go with the somber, character-driven story in this new small-screen project — with good reason. 

The song reminds gaming fans of an emotional moment from 'The Last of Us Part 2'

One of the strengths of "The Last of Us" action-adventure/survival horror game is its emotional impact. One particular scene in "The Last of Us Part 2," released in 2020 has been a fan-favorite since it first appeared. That's because Ellie — voiced by Ashley Johnson in the game — sings "Take on Me' and plays the guitar. If you've ever played the game, you know that Joel and Ellie bonded over his teaching her the guitar, and the guitar became symbolic of the deep relationship the two eventually shared — and the good still left in Joel. His story is eventually ended when he's brutally killed at the hands of Abby — with Ellie watching. It's a heart-wrenching moment for fans that leads to Ellie's vengeance quest, and her ability to play (or lack thereof) is a big role in the ending of that sequel.

Ellie's playing of the song also showcased the growing bond between her and her love interest, Dina, in a powerful way. One YouTube commenter, JaviScript, posted to a video of the game's scene, "This moment was so magical to me ... I could feel how the love between Ellie and Dina was starting to grow. A game never made me feel this way, and this was only the beginning of it."

The addition of the song in the new show's trailer — and not in the beginning, but starting to play on a staticky radio almost a minute into the trailer and then reappearing about a minute and a half into it, seems to be an inspired choice if fan reaction is any indication.

The music is helping to get fans of the game excited about the series

The scene triggers the feels for gamers watching the trailer while indicating that HBO intends to pull no stops when it comes to fan service — despite the less-than-stellar reputation of games translated into movies and television. Some expressed how this made them excited for the show to finally air: "I can't wait for this show," said @groggytata on Twitter

Others indicated they are now expecting the show to deliver the same devastating emotional moments that the game does. "I'm not gonna survive this show I stg," @ayydreeahnuh tweeted, using the acronym for "swear to God." @golfballdjarin said, "whoever it was that made the decision to have 'take on me' in the trailer i both love and hate you." @BlueRedDress also said, "if you need me i'll be over here humming take on me in a fetal position."

And, if the memes are any indication, there are a lot of sobbing "The Last of Us" fans out there right now. "Oh my heart. IYKYK," wrote @OpinionessWorld, using the acronym for "If you know you know." But if the point of putting the song into the trailer was to get fans hyped up for the show — mission accomplished. As @grace_sergott said, "Them playing 'Take on Me' in the new #thelastofus trailer is CRUEL. Screaming. Crying. Throwing up. I cannot wait."