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Bumper In Berlin's Adam Devine Claims The Pitch Perfect Spin-Off Drew Inspiration From An Unlikely MCU Series

The overwhelming worldwide success of the original "Pitch Perfect" led to two dazzling sequels bubbling with catchy covers and original pop songs. As we await the highly anticipated reunion of the leading Bellas a capella group in "Pitch Perfect 4," Peacock has treated us to a hilarious spin-off focusing on The Treblemakers' Bumper Allen (Adam Devine). In "Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin," after his song goes viral on TikTok in Germany, the silly singer packs his bags for an unforgettable overseas adventure. 

In Berlin, Bumper gets a stunning surprise in the form of a mini "Modern Family" reunion with Sarah Hyland's Heidi as his stylish new assistant. The two had fantastic chemistry on the comedy hit with their heartwarming relationship that fans hoped would be the series' endgame. In Peacock's new musical dramedy, Bumper is instantly smitten by Heidi, filling those "Modern Family" fans' hearts with hope. 

When Bumper's performance at Berlin's Brezelfest doesn't go according to plan, he makes a hysterical exit that leads him straight to rock bottom. With a confidence boost from his new team, Bumper tries again in this uplifting and melodic series. Marvel fans may also find themselves drawn to this unconventional spin-off, thanks to a surprising and villainous influence that Devine shares with Jimmy Fallon.

Producer Elizabeth Banks was deeply inspired by Marvel's Loki television show

"Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin" may seem like a sharp departure from the original film series on the surface. However, when contextualized with producer Elizabeth Banks' supervillain inspiration for the series, Bumper's Berlin misadventures make perfect sense. With "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," series star Adam Devine reveals the mind-bending Marvel television show that inspired "Bumper in Berlin."

When Fallon mentions he heard the twisted and villainous series "Loki" was the inspiration for the next chapter of "Pitch Perfect," Devine delves deep into the specific details. "Elizabeth Banks was the producer of the "Pitch Perfect" movies, and she was like, "It's cool that they made the villain the spin-off TV show" for Loki. And, so, I'm the villain of the "Bumper" franchise." This cleverly frames "Bumper in Berlin" in a familiar way that explains the eccentric series' approach. Devine then excitingly unveils that there are more than a few "Pitch Perfect" easter eggs to treat fans with, including the famous "Cup Song" originally performed by Anna Kendrick. 

By centering Bumper in his own series, we see his more vulnerable side (as we did for Loki) that transforms him into a layered and nuanced character on a journey of self-discovery. With an all-star cast, including "She-Hulk's" standout antagonist Jameela Jamil as Bumper's musical foe Gisela, Flula Borg as Pieter, and Lera Abova as DJ Das Boot, "Bumper in Berlin" is an exciting addition to the "Pitch Perfect" universe.