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Why Edwin Stillwell From Chicago P.D. Looks So Familiar

It's been nearly a decade since NBC's pulse-pounding procedural "Chicago P.D." made its network debut. And as the "One Chicago" staple continues its lengthy primetime run, viewers seem as enamored as ever in the ongoing travails of the dodgy Intelligence Unit boss Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and his sometimes shifty crew of hard-nosed detectives. 

Despite a few notable departures, that central crew has remained pretty well intact over the 10-season run of "Chicago P.D.," and series creatives have done a solid job surrounding their primary ensemble with an impressive cast of supporting players. They've slotted more than a few familiar faces into the mix over the years, one of which turned up early in Season 1 of "Chicago P.D." in the guise of Sgt. Edwin Stillwell.

That character was Voight's Internal Affairs handler during the show's first season. The pair didn't exactly get along and tormented each other on the regular before one of Stillwell's misdeeds landed him behind bars early in Season 2. Before that downfall, however, he was one of the few "Chicago P.D." characters who matched Voight in both wit and clout. And the notable actor who played the part reveled in doing the man-dance with Beghe while on the show. That actor's name is Ian Bohen. Here's where you've seen him before.    

Ian Bohen played a big, bad alpha on Teen Wolf

Though he's primarily taken on the banner of "character actor" throughout his career, Ian Bohen is one of the rare performers in that category to boast leading man looks. You may not realize it, but Bohen's chiseled features have graced large and small screens since the early 1990s. The actor earned his first screen credit for a lone 1992 appearance on The Disney Channel hit "The Torkelsons," Just a couple of years later, he scored his first film role playing the younger version of Kevin Costner's Wyatt Earp in the film the same name. Bohen spent the better part of the next decade building a solid resume that included brief spots on iconic series like "Boy Meets World," "Dawson's Creek," and "Mad Men."

However, the actor got one of his most significant breaks in 2011 when he joined the cast of the low-key MTV hit "Teen Wolf." He did so as the nefarious Peter Hale, the powerful, one-time Alpha of the pack bearing his surname. If you're familiar with the "Teen Wolf" series, you know Peter's impact on the overarching narrative was more than significant. Bohen appeared in 42 episodes of "Teen Wolf" between the show's first and final seasons. And one could easily argue Bohen's scene-chewing work on the show was one of its legitimate highlights. Thankfully, he's set to return as the resurrected Hale for the upcoming "Teen Wolf: The Movie."

Bohen is a bunkhouse staple on Yellowstone

Ian Bohen's "Teen Wolf" gig was very much a profile raiser for the actor, who promptly booked a small role in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises," appeared in the CBS procedural "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," and worked on Taylor Sheridan's directorial debut "Wind River." That supporting role in "Wind River" proved beyond fortuitous for Bohen as the actor hit if off with Sheridan. And in 2018, Sheridan brought Bohen aboard a then-unheard-of series tabbed to debut on Paramount's fledgling cable channel.

That channel is now known as Paramount Network. And the series Taylor Sheridan brought Bohen into the mix for is indeed his smash hit neo-Western "Yellowstone." Unless you've been living off the grid for the past few years, you should be at least casually familiar with "Yellowstone," as it's become one of the most popular series in the small-screen landscape. It's also become a career-defining event for much of "Yellowstone's" esteemed ensemble cast, including Bohen's counterpart Kevin Costner. As for Bohen, he's appeared in every season of "Yellowstone" to date as the Dutton Ranch's fun-loving and occasionally vengeful ranch hand Ryan.

As it is, Bohen's bunkhouse staple has become a favorite among the supporting players on "Yellowstone." And Bohen continues to make the most of his limited screen time, imbuing Ryan with spirit and pathos that's likely non-existent in the pages of his "Yellowstone" scripts. 

Superman & Lois found Bohen playing a duplicitous military man

If we could circle back to "Teen Wolf" for a moment, we should note that Ian Bohen shared much of his screen time on that show with Tyler Hoechlin, then one of the series' many rising stars. And once "Teen Wolf" ended, Hoechlin spun his elevated notoriety into a substantial role in The CW's superhero-stuffed "Arrowverse." He did so as the one and only Clark Kent, better known to comic book fans of every generation as Superman. And after making numerous appearances as the Man of Steel on various "Arrowverse" programs, Hoechlin stepped up to front his series with the 2021 arrival of "Superman & Lois." 

It remains to be seen just how much influence Hoechlin had in Bohen's Season 2 casting on "Superman & Lois," but it's a safe enough bet series producers were well aware of the chemistry the pair had developed during their time on "Teen Wolf." And yes, that chemistry was well on display when the duo teamed up on The CW's superhero hit. The "Teen Wolf" foes were back in the adversarial mode for "Superman & Lois," with the Bohen playing Lt. Mitch Anderson, an ambitious Lieutenant who essentially demands Superman's allegiance to the U.S. military. If you've yet to see Season 2 of "Superman & Lois," we'll say things escalate wildly and dangerously after Supes refuses. We'll also say Bohen's deft work in a complex role helps elevate the series well above your standard CW melodrama.