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Deadliest Catch's Mandy Hansen Says The Thrill Of Fishing Drew Her Back To A Career On A Boat

Fans of the hit Discovery series "Deadliest Catch" know that there are several constants that go virtually unchanged season after season. Since its initial episode in 2005, viewers can bet on the fact that the captains and crew of these featured fishing boats will all battle obstacles such as rogue waves, dangerously swinging equipment, and unpredictable weather. Up until not too long ago, there was another constant that seemed as if it was never going to change. That was, there were no women working on any of the boats highlighted on the show. That changed when Mandy Hansen, daughter of Sigg Hansen, joined the Northwestern.

Right around when she joined her father's boat in Season 10, Mandy told The Fourtner Report how working on the water was always in her blood. "I've always just loved the ocean. There's something about it that catches your eye," she explained. At her start, Mandy found herself as a greenhorn, looking to prove that she is as fully capable as her male coworkers. People reported that at age 18, she became the youngest woman to fish in the Bering Sea during the harsh crab seasons. "Fishing is part of my heritage and culture," she exclaimed. "I wasn't going to let anyone stop me, including my dad."

And fans witnessed, Mandy Hansen did just that. This teenager proved that she could go toe to toe with the guys, as she dodges the same waves, hauls the same pots, and puts in the same grueling hours. However, even after proving herself to the crew and her father, she still had opportunities to choose a much easier career path. 

Mandy Hansen lives with the internal drive to go fishing

Despite proving to her father and the millions of viewers watching at home, that despite being a woman, she was fully capable of holding her own as a greenhorn, "Deadliest Catch's" Mandy Hansen had an option to lead an easier life. "I tried looking into different areas in the maritime industry, you know, the big boats, and container ships, that was what I was trying to go for but I just realized, that's just an office job on the water," she told People.

Now heading towards the 19th Season of the reality series, Mandy has made her full journey back, as she now co-captains the Northwestern with her father, Sig. She explains how there has always been a certain excitement in her to stay on this career path. "There's a lot more thrill in fishing," she says. "So, I went right back to it." It's clear that Hansen is back to stay, even with a major life changing event, still not holding her back.

Mandy and her husband Clark Peterson, last November, welcomed their daughter Sailor Marie, adding yet another head to the Hansen clan. Not only has becoming a mom not swayed her from this career path, but she hopes to introduce her daughter to it one day. "I can't wait to bring her out there. I don't know about the Bering Sea, but summertime we're at Cordova, Valdez area, much calmer," she says. Sounds like the perfect training grounds for a future crab-catching captain.