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The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Tells Us Which Iconic Line Fans Still Recite To Him The Most - Exclusive

Though "The Big Bang Theory" aired its final episode a few years ago, its 12 seasons are something that have secured the show a top spot in television history. According to Entertainment Weekly, the CBS series is the world's longest-running multi-camera sitcom, and the comedy has continued to keep people laughing beyond its series finale in 2019.

For actor Jim Parsons, however, playing the analytical role of Sheldon Cooper has been nothing to laugh at. The quirky role catapulted his acting career and made him an iconic voice in the acting world. Since landing his leading role on "The Big Bang Theory," he has played himself on "The Simpsons," reprised his role as Sheldon Cooper on "Family Guy," and appeared in other well-known projects such as "iCarly" and "The Muppets."

While Parsons has gone on to tackle all sorts of roles since playing Sheldon Cooper, the sitcom star still gets approached about his character in "The Big Bang Theory" — and he shared with us the one specific line from the show that many fans continue to recite to him the most.

He's always hearing fans recite 'the B word'

Whenever Jim Parsons is out and about, there's one phrase he always hears the most from fans of "The Big Bang Theory." "Mostly, it's the B word," he laughed during an exclusive interview with our sister site The List.

Fans of the series will know that he's referring to "Bazinga," the infamous catchphrase that Sheldon Cooper recites over the course of the series. Whenever the scientist wins an argument or completes one of his successful pranks, his character shouts it, and it's something the actor continues to hear fans repeat the most to him today — and it's become a term near and dear to Parsons as he has expanded his successful acting career.

Though most audiences are accustomed to seeing him in this comedic role, Parsons has seemingly reinvented himself; he's tackled more dramatic projects since leaving the successful sitcom in 2019. His latest film, "Spoiler Alert," is a true story that places him in the shoes of a man watching his husband fight a terminal illness. "It gave me, and still gives me, a different perspective on my life, and who I am, and how I relate to everybody in my life than I had before," Parsons told us.

"Spoiler Alert" hits select theaters on Friday, December 2, with a nationwide release on Friday, December 9.