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Zoe Saldaña Wants To Get Out Of The Blockbuster Business

Zoe Saldaña is one of the few talented players in Hollywood that can boast she has made her presence known in three of the highest-grossing films of all time and has arguably been a highlight of the many franchises she has lent her talents to over the years. But despite being part of these massive productions seen by people around the world, it appears the actress has felt a bit limited in her efforts with these big-name properties.

While Saldaña has taken on a wide range of roles throughout her career, her arguably biggest claim to fame resides within the genre of science fiction. A sci-fi queen candidate if there ever was one, Saldaña has played some sensational characters like her beloved run as one of the most powerful Avenger personas in the MCU, Gamora. She has also taken on the iconic role of Nyota Uhura in the rebooted "Star Trek" films, which are the highest-grossing films the franchise has ever released (via Box Office Mojo). And quite possibly, her most significant endeavor has been her role as Neytiri in the Academy Award-winning film "Avatar, " which she will reprise in the film's sequel, "Avatar: The Way of Water."

While there is no denying that Saldaña has had a rewarding run so far, she has unfortunately felt as if her commitments to projects like these have hindered her ability to flex her skills.

Saldaña is experiencing a nasty case of franchise fatigue

In an interview discussing the "Avatar" franchise, the highly anticipated follow-up, and her other accomplishments, Zoe Saldaña revealed how she feels about the last decade of her career. "I feel that for the last ten years of my life, I've been just stuck. I felt stuck doing these franchises," she told Women's Wear Daily. "I'm very grateful for the opportunities that they provided, from collaborating with amazing directors and getting to meet cast members that I consider friends and getting to play a role that fans, especially children, love." While she did cherish the experience, Saldaña went on to say, "But it also meant that I felt artistically stuck in my craft of not being able to expand or grow or challenge myself by playing different sorts of genres and different roles."

While she still has commitments to her franchises, it seems Saldaña has already made efforts to show off what she is truly made of on screen. The critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes for the first season of Netflix's "From Scratch" praises "Zoe Saldaña's considerable dramatic chops," further proving she is ready for new challenges. If she does continue to embark on an array of new adventures in the future, Saldaña will undeniably bring some next-level talent to whatever project she takes on next.