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The Most Powerful Avengers In The MCU Ranked

The Marvel Cinematic Universe showed audiences that a man could fly (as long as he was in a robotic suit of high-tech armor, or a literal god), and the slow threading of various superheroes into a cohesive universe has been amazing. But of all the mighty and astonishing superheroes that make up Marvel's premiere super-team, which is the most incredible?

To settle the question, we're ranking the most powerful members of the Avengers, starting from the bottom and ending with the strongest one there is. To qualify, we counted all the heroes in the Avengers movies, obviously, as well as characters who appeared on Iron Man or Captain America's team in Captain America: Civil War, both because they've all been Avengers at one point or another in the comics, and because part of the fun of it was the two heroes assembling their own team of Avengers. Read on to see who takes top honors!


We'll start with the obvious loser on the team, the Avengers' arrogant archer Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye. While the Hawkeye of the comics has built a loyal cult fanbase based largely on David Aja and Matt Fraction's stripped-down formalist run on his solo book, none of those qualities are visible in the Hawkeye of the MCU. He's technically a super-spy on the level of Black Widow, but his defining moments in the movies involve him decidedly not stopping Thor from getting to his magic hammer (Thor), getting mind controlled by Loki (Avengers), almost being shot to death (Avengers: Age of Ultron), getting immediately taken out by Black Panther in an airport brawl (Captain America: Civil War), and changing his alter ego to Ronin when he goes off on his own for a few years following Thanos' fateful snap.

There's certainly a charm to a lovable loser who keeps fumbling his way through dangerous situations, but unfortunately for Hawkeye, we're not giving extra credit for a downtrodden demeanor. Hawkeye easily lands at the bottom tier of the team, at least until they fight a supervillain whose only weakness is arrows.


Believe it or not, there was a time when Quicksilver, the white-haired on-again/off-again son of Magneto, was in two movies in the same year (X-Men: Days of Future Past and Avengers: Age of Ultron). It's certainly hard to believe, since his appearance in Ultron is so bad it's rocketed him down to the Hawkeye tier of our list.

His power is superspeed, which seems like it would keep him a bit higher on a list of most powerful superheroes in the MCU, but he was shot to death by Ultron's machine guns. Dying because of regular bullets, especially when you're a literal superhero with superpowers, is just embarrassing. Superman over at DC is known for being faster than a speeding bullet, but clearly Quicksilver isn't, which makes his "super" speed pretty unimpressive, if you ask us.


Mantis, the human/insect hybrid who was plucked by Ego in her larval state and taken to his home, is just beginning to truly tap into her abilities. Her super-empathy is rarely useful as an offensive power, although she and her fellow Guardians of the Galaxy almost defeated Thanos with her maxing out her powers in order to put him to sleep. She was able to keep him docile for a few minutes, which speaks to Thanos' power levels because she regularly was able to help Ego (a Celestial!) sleep. Of course, Ego was a willing target, unlike Thanos.

Mantis can read and alter emotions with a simple touch. This is a useful skill in helping to understand the motivations of others, as she touched an unconscious Thor when the Guardians rescued him and learned of his pain. However, her lack of life experience has made her extraordinarily naive, and she's proven to be susceptible to pranks. Her bluntness can also be a liability in sensitive situations, as she almost always says what she's thinking. 

Mantis joined the Avengers during the Battle of Earth, when she and most of the rest of the Guardians were returned after the Hulk reversed Thanos' snap. As such, she's more of an honorary Avenger than a full member of the roster, but she fought by their side. Mantis can certainly fight and is extremely hard to hurt, but she's nowhere near the class of the others on this list in terms of combat skill.


Peter Quill's father was Ego the Celestial, which gave this dopey space pirate a degree of power he never knew he had. Much of his success as a pirate came from his sheer guts and more than a little luck, although years of menacing training at the hands of his surrogate father Yondu helped hone his instincts. Peter became good at sneaking into tight spaces when he was a kid, which required courage and the ability to operate on instinct rather than conscious thought.

Peter never quite grew up, living out a kind of adolescent lifestyle as a pirate until he met the team that would become the Guardians of the Galaxy. His ability to handle the Power Stone and help defeat Ronan the Accuser was his greatest act as a hero and alerted Ego and others that there was more to him than there seemed. 

However, his ability to manipulate energy like his father evaporated when they destroyed the core of the planet that made up Ego's essence. Since that time, he's pretty much just a guy with an Element Gun. He's an undisciplined brawler, although he doesn't mind mixing it up. He acts like a buffoon most of the time, whether he's displaying his own insecurities around people like Rocket and Thor or trying to impress Gamora. He's able to come up with a good plan every now and then, like the one that nearly defeated Thanos, but he's also the one who messed up its execution. 

Black Widow

There's no shame in Black Widow's placement this far down the list. In a world with gods, robots, magic, and aliens, Black Widow earning a spot on the Avengers' roster due to sheer competence is nothing to be ashamed of. Like Hawkeye, she's a super-spy, but unlike Barton, she knows better than to use an outdated weapon that mankind has been developing countermeasures against for literally thousands of years. She also gets a few extra credit points for appearing in so many Marvel movies — and, you know, for making the ultimate sacrifice during the final battle against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. There's got to be some reason that Iron Man, Nick Fury, and Captain America rely on her so much, even if actual onscreen examples of her excellence haven't been as constant as some of her peers.


The head of the Dora Milaje is the highest-ranked Avenger on this list who doesn't possess super-powers or a super-suit of some kind. Okoye is a brilliant military leader and has access to advanced Wakandan technology. She was bold enough to defy Killmonger and her partner W'Kabi when Killmonger took the throne from T'Challa. She knew the difference between following orders and doing what was right, and this is what made her a great leader.

When T'Challa and Shuri disappeared for five years after Thanos' "snap," Okoye played a key part in keeping the peace as an Avenger. Indeed, she was in regular contact with the team long-distance as it was implied that Wakanda played a major role in helping with rescue and welfare operations after that disaster. 

While her leadership and the fact that she has her own small army of warriors are part of how powerful she is, one can't forget that she's a deadly fighter. She can use any kind of weapon or engage in unarmed combat, but she's especially deadly with her spear. She took on alien monsters and the lethal Proxima Midnight just as easily as she took on highly-skilled mercenaries. Her vibranium spear is light, collapsable, capable of absorbing a tremendous amount of damage, and able to generate electric shocks as well as interact with electronic networks. In her hands, she can challenge nearly any foe. She even fearlessly attacked Thanos when he possessed all six Infinity Stones.


Shuri is barely out of her teens when we meet her in Black Panther, but she's already one of the most formidable minds in the MCU — and as she's gone on to demonstrate on more than one occasion, she's also willing to mix it up with superpowered bad guys when she has to. Unfortunately, her apparent inexperience in battle — and her reliance on technology to level the playing field — can make her a fairly easy opponent, as evidenced when Corvus Glaive entered her lab and disrupted her attempt to safely remove the Mind Stone from Vision before Thanos could steal it.

Shuri's relative lack of physical prowess keeps her from a higher spot in our power rankings, but she's still proven indispensable to the team, and with the resources that come with being a member of the Wakandan royal family at her disposal, there are few things she can't accomplish with her impressive intellect. It was Shuri, after all, who led the (ultimately successful) efforts to wipe out Bucky Barnes' Winter Soldier programming after her brother T'Challa offered the brainwashed assassin refuge. There's no telling what she'll do in Marvel's post-Endgame universe, but it'll undoubtedly be impressive.


If this list were graded on charm and the strength of the supporting cast, Paul Rudd's Scott Lang would easily vault near the top. Unfortunately for the diminutive dynamo, we're grading on sheer power, and Ant-Man's skills don't quite stack up. There's a reason that the climax of Ant-Man goes for easy laughs with the constant reminder of the scale of Ant-Man and Yellowjacket's final battle.

To be fair to the reformed con man, he grow to a massive size in Captain America: Civil War, and repeated that nifty trick in Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Endgame, but no one ever grows to a massive size to win a fight. Call it a byproduct of our obsession with David and Goliath stories, but generally the only time a character gets bigger is to be satisfyingly knocked over like an AT-AT Walker on Hoth. Still, actual superpowered technology beats quick-dying quasi-mutants and super-spies on this list — and there's no discounting the fact that Lang's accidental adventure in the Quantum Realm is what kick-started the team's successful campaign to undo Thanos' snap.


You know what rules? Flying. You know what rules even more? Flying around on awesome metal wings while you try to save the world from fascism with your best buddy Captain America. Sam Wilson has all the training that comes from working as a pararescue airman for years, plus the coolest technology that doesn't come with a Stark branding. There's a reason Captain America trusts him to watch his back.

The only downside to the MCU Falcon is that they decided to go with a robotic drone version of his comics counterpart's faithful Redwing. Sure, talking to birds like some sort of high-flying Aquaman isn't the greatest power, but we're getting to the superpowered side of this list, so he'd need something to rank a bit higher. Plus, if we're being fair, he actually lost to this next Avenger, and we're nothing if not objective.

Winter Soldier

He might look like a teen exploring his identity at Hot Topic, but Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, a.k.a. the Winter Soldier, is a force to be reckoned with. Tortured and mind-controlled by HYDRA, he's been on so many secret assassination missions that his name is a legend in super-spy circles. Add in a super-strong and super-flexible metal arm that can punch a hole through concrete, along with a version of the Super Soldier Serum that powers Captain America, and the Winter Soldier's a formidable threat.

Plus, thanks to his central role in two different Captain America movies, we've actually seen him fight a good chunk of the Avengers, making his placement on this list fairly easy. Just imagine playing rock, paper, scissors against a guy with a metal arm. Now that's intimidating — and now that he's working alongside the Falcon — who's carrying Captain America's shield in the post-Endgame MCU — he's even more of a force to be reckoned with.

The Wasp

Given a lifetime of training and education with her father, Dr. Henry Pym, when Hope Van Dyne received the upgraded Wasp suit, she was ready to become a superhero. She had years of training in martial arts and gymnastics and used both in her fighting style. She's a technical genius and ace engineer on a level close to her parents' abilities. She's a shrewd and level-headed combatant.

The Wasp suit gives her all of Ant-Man's powers (save super-growth) and then some. She can summon and control ants. She can shrink and grow quickly and uses that as part of her fighting style. Her strength and durability when she's small are magnified, thanks to her mass being compressed. She has wings that allow her to fly on her own and powerful wrist blasters that pack a wallop as her "sting." They were upgraded before she fought Thanos and they were even able to knock him back. 

The Wasp's limitations as a hero are her inexperience and the lack of protection the suit provides. Compared to other armored heroes, her suit lacks the same level of overall power and durability. She compensates with her other powers and fighting ability, but despite her skill, she's currently still a notch behind the more experienced fighters and higher-powered heroes of the MCU.


Pepper Potts cleaned up Tony Stark's messes for years until he understood her true value and installed her as CEO of Stark Industries. Along the way, they fell in love. After the events of Iron Man 3, when Pepper was injected with the Extremis nanobyte solution that gave her unstable super-powers, Tony was able to find a way to expunge it from her body. At the same time, he quit the hero business for a while.

Tony and Pepper settled down together after he was rescued from space following Thanos' "snap" and had a daughter named Morgan, but Tony couldn't stop tinkering and building armor. He had built a nanotech suit prior to going up against Thanos in case he ever had to defend his family, and he decided to build a suit for her as well. It was Mark XLIX and her codename for it was Rescue. 

It had fewer of the offensive capabilities of his suit or the War Machine suit, but it was much more durable than any of his armors. He designed it as truly defensive armor to help protect her. 

During the Battle of Earth, she donned the suit for the first time and was highly effective in battle, using her repulsor rays to destroy a number of Thanos' attack ships. She's ranked lower because of her lack of experience as a fighter and because her armor was more defensive and thus more limited than Iron Man's. 


Drax the Destroyer is the Guardians of the Galaxy's brick in more ways than one. Thanks to his natural abilities as a Kylosian, Drax is super-strong, super-durable, and a quick healer. He's also a savage fighter and is surprisingly quick and agile for his size, making him a terrifying opponent in most one-on-one battles.

The problem with Drax is that he's such a literal thinker that it's easy to outwit him. He also doesn't have another plan when simply hitting something as hard as possible doesn't work. When he went up against Ronan, the Kree easily took him down as he parried his moves and brutally struck back. His approach against the monstrous Abilisk the Guardians fought in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was to jump straight into its mouth.

His raw power puts him ahead of most of the humans on the list and even some of the more heavily armored heroes, but his limitations as a thinker greatly reduce his effectiveness.


Nebula, the adopted daughter of Thanos and "sister" of Gamora, is a lethal assassin who at this point is as much machine as she is human. She has superhuman strength, durability, and speed, making her as tough in combat as anyone. She also can regenerate and repair herself after she's injured and project energy blasts through her cybernetic arm. She's an expert pilot who can fly just about anything, a great shot, and is essentially a walking computer who can process huge amounts of information. 

Her weakness is her own insecurity regarding Gamora, whom she was never able to defeat when they grew up. Every time Gamora beat her in combat, Thanos took Nebula back to the lab and tortured her by further turning her into a cyborg. Nebula is a killer to be sure, but the trade-off she made when she became so mechanized is that she lost Gamora's capacity for improvisation and innovation as a fighter. Gamora was always able to step outside the box in their battles and figure out a way to win, and that's what led Nebula to defeat after defeat despite her greater raw power. 

Now that Nebula has switched sides, made up with her sister, and helped defeat Thanos, she's still a highly capable fighter. She's just regained a lot more of her humanity, though it was clear in Avengers: Endgame that this is something she's still trying to process. She's a powerful fighter, but still a step behind Gamora.


Gamora went through the same childhood and a similar (though less painful) set of cybernetic enhancements as her "sister" Nebula. In the comics, she's referred to as "the deadliest woman in the galaxy," and in the MCU, she has an infamous history as one of Thanos' most lethal assassins. Of course, she hated Thanos all along and was quietly scheming against him, waiting for the right opportunity to betray him. 

Possessing enhanced strength, speed, quickness, and durability, Gamora is anyone's equal in one-on-one combat. Drax did manage to get the drop on her in prison and used his raw strength to nearly kill her, but Gamora was both exhausted and dispirited at that point. In a typical combat scenario, Gamora is a much more efficient and clever fighter than Drax. The Guardians' battle against the Abilisk is proof of this, as Gamora struck the killing blow against the monster.

In addition to being able to use any kind of weapon with great proficiency (though she usually prefers a blade), Gamora is an ace pilot and a master of unarmed combat. She's also a tremendous improviser, as she used her charm to disarm Peter Quill when they first met and she was trying to capture him. 

The current version of Gamora is a time-swept one from 2014, before she broke away from Thanos and joined up with the Guardians. As such, she's much more brutal than the version who died at Thanos' hands in 2018. 


Groot may have a limited vocabulary, but he's a surprisingly vicious fighter and virtually impossible to kill. In addition to superhuman strength and durability, his plant nature allows him to quickly grow and re-grow limbs and manipulate them as weapons or useful items. He was able to generate a handle for Thor's new weapon Stormbreaker, for example, which allowed Thor to have a huge impact in the battle against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

Groot's ability to grow spiky arms allows him to slaughter multiple foes at a time, usually with a big grin on his face. While his language may seem limited, he's a clever fighter who not only knows how to improvise, he's also fiercely protective of his friends. He saved the Guardians of the Galaxy by forming a branch shield around them as they fell from a crashing spaceship. The impact killed him, but it saved the rest of the team. Of course, he was able to be "reborn" with a cutting that was planted, albeit in baby form.

Groot's major flaw is that despite his raw strength, he mostly relies on the direction of others — especially his partner Rocket. While he will occasionally think on his own, he's mostly content to let others tell him what to do. That puts him behind a lot of other heroes who are more self-directed. 


Despite his small size, Rocket is the toughest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and proved himself a capable member of the Avengers during his time on Earth. The subject of painful cybernetic experimentation, Rocket is extremely strong, agile, and blindingly fast. He uses his size as an advantage in combat because he's hard to hit. His expertise with weapons and genius as an engineer — which rivals that of Tony Stark — makes him especially dangerous if he has any time to prepare. He nearly took out Yondu's entire Ravager clan using a variety of electronic traps. 

Rocket's ability to improvise strategies makes his super-inventiveness even more formidable. He can also take a surprising amount of punishment in battle and dish it out with his claws and teeth if necessary. He's not invulnerable and not ideally suited for the kind of one-on-one combat that Gamora or Drax specialize in. However, his skill set (he's the best pilot of the Guardians) puts him over the top as the most powerful member of the team. Beyond his physical limitations, it's his off-putting personality that also puts him behind the other heroes on the list. His tendency to alienate everyone around him is what prevents him from being a potential leader and makes him something of a loose cannon. 

War Machine

They say it's good to have friends in high places, but generally that means that those friends can get you a job or maybe loan you some money. For James "Rhodey" Rhodes, being best friends with Tony Stark means that he gets a personalized version of high-tech armor with enough guns and missiles to fuel a small war.

As War Machine, Rhodey's got all the explosive offense of early Iron Man armors combined with the exacting methodology of a U.S. Army pilot, basically walking around in a wearable fighter jet. The Winter Soldier might be a brilliant assassin with a metal arm, but when you're wearing a mobile armory capable of shooting a missile from 1000 feet away, it's hard to imagine Bucky winning against War Machine.


Smart, superpowered, and fitted out with Stark tech, Spider-Man's a late but powerful addition to the MCU. His relative youth and experience might cause him trouble in his regular life as Peter Parker, but his spidery alter ego is a powerhouse. In his first appearance in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War, he's able to disable Winter Soldier and Falcon, bring down a Gi(Ant) Man, and even keep up with Captain America. That's a pretty strong showing for the young superhero.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, audiences saw just how extensive the Stark-designed suit really was, with a powerful on-board AI, thousands of different kinds of webbing, and even an automated fight simulator. An even more powerful set of abilities was introduced during Avengers: Infinity War — and although it wasn't enough to prevent poor Peter from being temporarily wiped out of existence, he managed to hold his own in the battle against Thanos for an impressively long time — and then return for the final round. You give someone with actual superpowers some Stark tech, and they get bumped up to a whole new tier.


Wong is a Master of the Mystic Arts who helped train Doctor Strange. His role was to defend the books of knowledge in the Ancient One's library and its various relics, including the Eye of Agamotto. This held the Time Stone, which Wong was well aware of, as keeping track of the Infinity Stones was one of his pursuits.

Wong's mastery of magic allows him to create portals, shields, and illusions. He used the powerful Wand of Watoomb to defend the Hong Kong Sanctum when it was under attack by the Ancient One's former disciple Kaecilius. He died in that battle, but Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to reverse that outcome before he created a time loop with Dormammu and outwitted him. 

Like Doctor Strange, Wong was snapped out of existence by Thanos. However, he was instrumental in the Battle of Earth, as he helped gather up the heroes and created dimensional doors that got them to the battle in the nick of time. 

Wong is also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, mixing both magic and physical force in his attacks. Overall, he's not quite as powerful as Doctor Strange and a less aggressive as well. Still, his powers put him ahead of most of the other Avengers.

Captain America

Captain America's the full package, and we're not just talking about actor Chris Evans. Steve Rogers has superpowers, fighting prowess, and an indestructible vibranium shield that's the closest thing to unbreakable in the MCU (until adamantium shows up). Plus, if we're counting raw charisma as a superpower, that's one more advantage Cap has got to push him into the upper tier of powerful Avengers.

Onscreen, he's handily beaten nearly every character on this list, whether in fistfights (Spider-Man) or footraces (Falcon). Unfortunately, there's one opponent he wasn't able to beat, even when the fight took place in his own movie. Still, after battling Iron Man to a draw, Cap went on to give as good as he got against the mighty Thanos — and he was even able to pick up and wield Thor's hammer. How about that for power? Of course, these days he's retired, with a body that's stopped being able to ward off the ravages of time, but in his prime, Cap was truly a force to be reckoned with.


Brunnhilde the Valkyrie was one of Odin's hand-picked Choosers of the Slain, but she quit her post after most of her sisters were slaughtered by Hela. As an Asgardian, she's virtually immortal, strong, fast, and durable. As one of Asgard's elite warriors, Valkyrie is much more than that. Not only is she the master of every weapon, she is also a skilled pilot, abilities honed by riding her winged horse into battle.

She tried to drown her sorrows in money and booze on the planet Sakaar, picking up a host of survival skills. She became the Grandmaster's favored Scrapper, bringing him new contenders for his Contest of Champions and happily annihilating competing Scrappers with her high-tech weapons system.

What she learned about herself is that her natural leadership abilities extended to the post-Snap settlement of New Asgard on Earth. While a guilt-ridden and depressed Thor was drowning his own sorrows in alcohol, Valkyrie held her community together. When Thanos was defeated once and for all and everyone was brought back, Thor handed the crown over to her. She reluctantly agreed to take it.

Valkyrie's status as an Asgardian warrior shoots her near the top of this list, just behind Iron Man. What really boosts her is her leadership ability, something not every hero possesses. She earned that status the hard way by picking herself up and redeeming herself in defense of her people.

Iron Man

Iron Man is everyone's favorite genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, and that's even before you get to the laser-blasting, high-tech weaponry all wrapped up in a suit powered by tech more powerful than a literal nuclear reactor. Iron Man's got some power, is what we're saying. And that's only in one suit, not including the literal dozens that he can control remotely, or the giant suit he built especially to beat down the strongest thing in the world.

While his lack of close combat experience might seem to drop him a bit lower, the ending of Captain America: Civil War is literally him fighting Captain America and the Winter Soldier to a standstill, even with a barely functioning suit. And then, of course, there's the way he slyly duped Thanos into sealing his own fate, sacrificing his own life for the sake of the universe in the bargain. This guy wasn't the cornerstone of the MCU during its first several phases for nothing.

Black Panther

What sets T'Challa, King of all the Wakandas, apart from his peer Iron Man is that even without his high-tech Black Panther suit, he still has formidable superpowers. Thanks to ritualistically consuming the Heart-Shaped Herb, T'Challa received enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and uncanny agility. It also enhanced his senses, making him an expert tracker. The Herb also greatly reduced his healing time, so T'Challa could take a beating and come back and dish out his own punishment.

Adding his vibranium weave suit to the equation puts T'Challa over the top. In addition to being highly durable, the suit absorbs kinetic energy and allows T'Challa to release it as an energy pulse blast. The suit also absorbs any vibration he might make, allowing him to move absolutely silently. The suit has a set of vibranium claws that can cut through virtually anything. 

T'Challa is a genius-level scientist and engineer, as well as an expert martial artist, pilot, and military tactician. Throw in having the resources of the world's wealthiest nation at his fingertips, a loyal and noble military, and the ritual ability to commune with his ancestors, his power falls just short of the immortals, cosmic beings, gamma-spawned monsters, Infinity Stone-powered artificial intelligences, and mutants at the top of the Avenger power ladder. 

Scarlet Witch

This is a bit of a tough one, since the Scarlet Witch of the MCU might be significantly less powerful than the comics version. In the comics, the Scarlet Witch is a ridiculously powerful mutant who was able to completely erase the mutant genome from the planet with her chaos magic, but the comics' "No more mutants" has nothing on Disney's "No mutants (until we bought the rights to the X-Men back)." As a result, the Scarlet Witch of the MCU uses abilities that run closer to telekinesis and telepathy than the magical powers of her comics counterpart.

Even without magic, though, she's a powerful superheroine, able to take down half the team under Ultron's orders — and then later, after she has a change of heart, she gets some solid licks in during battles against Thanos' henchmen before facing off against the big purple brute himself. She might be young and have questionable taste in robot men, but when it comes to badass powers, she's over the top.

The Vision

In the comics, the Infinity Gems are the most powerful items in the universe, used in conjunction with the Infinity Gauntlet to wield complete control over basically everything. The Infinity Stones of the MCU are also incredibly powerful. The Vision, the cybernetic homunculus based on Tony Stark's JARVIS AI, was brought to life by having the Mind Gem embedded in his forehead, giving him the powers of density manipulation, intangibility, and laser blasts. Even before the Mind Gem was used to power everyone's favorite walking AI, it was used by Loki in a magic staff to mind control followers and bring a horde of alien invaders to attack earth in The Avengers.

Altogether, the combination of a brilliant AI, laser blasts, and a power source derived from a fundamental power source of the entire Marvel universe makes The Vision almost godlike. It still wasn't enough to keep Thanos from yoinking the Stone out of his forehead, but it's still worth something.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange is the most powerful Master of the Mystic Arts, quickly rising up the ranks when he trained with the Ancient One. He merged his intellect and photographic memory with a natural facility for magic, soaking up information on the most complicated of ideas. In particular, he quickly became adept at using the Eye of Agamotto, which his order guarded closely as it contained the Time Stone. He was also chosen by the quasi-sentient Cloak of Levitation to become its user. In addition to allowing him to fly, the Cloak often acted independently as an offensive weapon, blinding or wrapping up opponents.

As Strange developed as a sorcerer, he displayed a wide range of abilities. He can cast illusions, open up dimensional gates, create shields, bind opponents, generate magical force weapons, and move the earth. He can also transmute matter and conjure up items like clothing. Given a chance to secure his body, Strange can leave it altogether using his astral form. Strange is also a proficient martial artist and can fight hand-to-hand when necessary, although he prefers to use magic.

While his power is just short of Thor's, one of Strange's greatest abilities is his shrewd tactical planning. He outwitted extra-dimensional god Dormammu using a clever time-loop scheme. Having seen the one outcome in which Thanos was eventually defeated, he manipulated events such that this actually happened, even if it was a long and painful process. He may be arrogant, but he's usually right.


Faster than a bolt of lightning, more powerful than a burst of thunder, able to leap tall buildings in a single throw (of his hammer)! In a world of super-soldiers and tech geniuses, only a god can keep the rest of the Avengers humble. Even if you discount his magic hammer, or his control of storms, or even his super-strength, he spent years as the prince of Asgard, a popular scion of a supremely powerful king who commanded a whole army of Asgardians. Each one of Thor's many friends and family members are nearly as strong as he is, and he grew up living in a god-filled utopia in space. Oh, and for eons, there was an entire basement full of world-ending weapons under his dad's castle. In the Marvel Universe, there's no one who can command that level of power. Well, almost no one.

The Hulk

The Hulk has beaten basically everyone in the entire Marvel Universe a few different times, often in (literally) earth-shattering ways, and that's just in the comics. In the MCU, Hulk's personally beaten the tar out of Thor, Iron Man, Loki, The Abomination, and the entire U.S. Army — and those are just the characters who've actually bothered to fight him instead of just running away. When Iron Man's response to Loki in The Avengers is to offer up the fact that the Avengers have Hulk on their side, it's not a joke. And okay, Hulk did admittedly have his green butt handed to him when he was foolhardy enough to try going mano a mano against Thanos — and he also spent the rest of Infinity War refusing to emerge — but he's since found peace with his human alter ego Bruce Banner. All of which means the Avengers have a guy with the intellect of one of the world's top scientists and the destructive might of the Hulk.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers' cosmic powers make her the most powerful Avenger by far. Her background as an Air Force pilot means that she has a sharply-honed understanding of aerial combat and fighting in general. Adding her remarkable skill to her raw power makes her a one-woman army. The accident that gave her her powers, sparked by the Space Stone (a.k.a. the Tesseract), blessed her with super-strength, speed, durability, agility, and rapid healing. It also gave her powerful energy-projection abilities.

As she started to regain her memory, she realized that she had barely scratched the surface of her powers. She learned that she could surround herself with cosmic energy, greatly boosting her already-formidable natural strength and speed. She could fly through space without needing a spacesuit and both generate and absorb enormous amounts of energy. In that state, she destroyed a Kree Accuser starcraft as well as Thanos' huge flagship vessel Sanctuary II.  

This is a level of power that dwarfs even Thor or the Hulk. On top of all that, her powers seem to have greatly slowed down her aging, as her form is unchanged over the past 30 years. Combine all that with her natural leadership abilities, keen mind, and passion for justice, and you have the strongest Avenger of all.