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Jack Ryan Is Back On The Run In The New Trailer For Season 3

"Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" is coming back to Amazon Prime Video for a third season — only, this time, Jack is the target. The series — which will return this December — is based on a series of spy-thriller novels from prolific author Tom Clancy. The character of Jack Ryan has been portrayed by numerous actors, including Alec Baldwin ("The Hunt for Red October"), Ben Affleck ("The Sum of All Fears"), Chris Pine ("Shadow Recruit"), and even Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, in the 1992 feature film "Patriot Games."

Prime Video's adaptation brings back "The Office" alum and "Quiet Place" director-star John Krasinski, creating a more structured and ongoing timeline for the "Jack Ryan" universe than fans may be used to. In the series, Jack is a CIA analyst taken away from his desk after uncovering a massive terrorist plot in Yemen. Wendell Pierce ("The Wire," "Suits") has played opposite Krasinski as Chief James Greer since the series' first season. Season 2 introduced CIA Officer Mike November, a close ally of Ryan and Greer's played by "House of Cards" actor Michael Kelly.

Though Season 2 ended on a definitive yet somber note, the status quo of "Jack Ryan" has been completely upset in the trailer for Season 3.

Run, Jack, Run

The trailer begins with Jack Ryan walking out of what looks to be a government building in a plain, wrinkled white t-shirt — it's immediately odd for a character usually sporting a suit, a uniform, or a bulletproof vest. Newcomer Thomas Miller — a man of authority played by "The Queen's Gambit" actor John Schwab — tells an armed operator that Jack is now "a fugitive from justice," though he doesn't state why. When fans last saw Jack, he had orchestrated the arrest of one of the country's most powerful senators — a decision that may be coming back to haunt him this season.

Chief James Greer, seemingly on the opposing side, warns Jack to run — and run he does, for the remainder of the trailer. We see quick snippets of Jack running through a civilian-dense city, driving a vehicle through a crowded area in a foreign country (based on the vehicle's license plate, it may be Greece), and engaging in a shootout in a warehouse while protecting someone. As Jack asks Mike November for help, Betty Gabriel's ("Get Out") Elizabeth Wright is seen monitoring Jack in what appears to be a German metro station.

Given that Jack is shown moments later fighting someone within the train car, Elizabeth may be a looming threat throughout Season 3. More quick cuts follow, showcasing Jack sprinting through a wooded area, as well as more shots of the car chase. After reuniting with Greer and November on a familiar tarmac, the trailer ends with Jack leaping from the deck of a large ship.

There's no telling what's in store for Jack and his team when Season 3 of "Jack Ryan" premieres December 21 on Amazon Prime Video.