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Why Avatar: The Last Airbender's Jack DeSena Thinks Sokka's Lack Of Power Is Important

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" is considered to be one of the best animated shows ever made for a myriad of reasons. Set in a captivating world so different from our own, the fantasy series explores grounded themes like imperialism, the ramifications of war, and the complexities of destiny. However, the show wouldn't be the same without its main characters. As we move through the world with Katara (Mae Whitman), Aang (Zach Tyler Eisen), Toph (Michaela Jill Murphy), and Zuko (Dante Basco), we learn about their elemental powers as they steel themselves for the impending conflict with the Fire Nation.

Voiced by Jack DeSena, Sokka proves some much-needed levity to every episode. It's a key component of the series, especially as the story moves forward and becomes more serious. As Katara's older brother, Sokka acts as a protector to the younger characters. As Aang learns to master the four elements, Sokka becomes adept at strategizing, swordsmanship, and surviving in the wilderness. Even though he doesn't possess the otherworldly powers that his friends do, Sokka manages to save the day on many occasions. In a recent interview, DeSena shared insight about how the character's lack of bending abilities plays into the narrative.

Sokka lack of bending abilities gives the show more perspective

In the show, other characters frequently poke fun at Sokka's lack of bending abilities, a topic that seems to be a sore spot for him until he figures out his own identity. As Katara and their friends work on perfecting their fighting techniques, it's clear that Sokka is struggling to find his own place in a rapidly changing world. Speaking with CinemaBlend, Jack DeSena explained why he believes Sokka's arc serves the story in a poignant way, despite not being able to bend.

"Yeah, I mean, I love that they built that perspective into the world. It helps you feel how exceptional these other characters are and how meaningful it is to have these like magical beings in the world when you have a constant presence of, you know, the quote unquote more 'regular ordinary run-of-the-mill dude' who's trying to get by on his wits alone," DeSena told the outlet. "So I think Sokka's presence adds a relatability that makes Aang and Katara and Zuko and Toph feel even more special when you understand the import of these characters."

Thankfully, fans of the franchise will get another chance to get to know these beloved characters in the upcoming "Avatar: The Last Airbender" live-action series. Netflix has confirmed that Ian Ousley will portray Sokka in the show. Hopefully, Ousley will be able to capture Sokka's playful spirit and the emotional changes he undergoes as the story moves forward.