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Of Course Parks And Recreation's Ben Schwartz Kept The Entertainment 720 Cash Prop

On "Parks and Recreation," Ben Schwartz plays Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, an eccentric, vapid, trust fund-spending friend of Tom Haverford's (Aziz Ansari). At first, Tom brings Jean-Ralphio to an interview for a new potential assistant for Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), but Ron hates how loud and obnoxious Jean-Ralphio is and does not hire him. Ranking characters of "Parks and Rec" by likability, Jean-Ralphio is only preferable to Ron's ex-wives, Tammy I and Tammy II. However, he is also hilarious.

Although Jean-Ralphio does not work in the Parks and Recreation Department with most of the show's core characters, he remains Tom's friend and business partner. First, they co-invest in buying a share in the Snakehole Lounge (a local bar) together. Later, Tom comes up with the idea to launch a new company called Entertainment 720, bringing Jean-Ralphio as his partner.

Even though it is unclear what Entertainment 720 does and they do not have a legitimate plan for how to make money, Tom's motto of "treat yo' self," coupled with the pair's business idea that you have to spend money to make money results in an extravagant office with numerous incredible props.

Ben Schwartz kept the fake money with Tom and Jean-Ralphio's faces on it

In a 2020 interview with Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz, Ben Schwartz said that anytime he does a project, he takes a prop, just like how he collects objects at Comicon events because he is "a fun little nerd." This would certainly be a great way to collect souvenirs that would remind him of all the different projects he has done over the years.

"There's an episode of 'Parks and Rec' where we make our own money and throw it around," Schwartz said. Instead of a president's in the middle, the bills have Tom and Jean-Ralphio's faces. Schwartz did not keep the fake cash to try and fool people but did joke, "You could give these to anybody." Presumably, he kept it because it is a funny reminder of some of the best scenes with Jean-Ralphio on "Parks and Recreation." Printing fake cash and throwing it around like confetti in their office, instead of actually running their business and making profits, is emblematic of Tom and Jean-Ralphio's humorous relationship on the show.

Schwartz also added that, interestingly enough, the fake bills actually cost more than a dollar to make. Somehow, this also seems to fit in with Tom and Jean-Ralphio's business model.