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Netflix Has Dropped The First Trailer For Emily In Paris Season 3

The trailer for Season 3 of the Netflix melodrama "Emily in Paris" just dropped, and things are about to get real. "Sex and the City" creator Darren Starr seems to have struck gold again with a series about a single woman whose obsession with fashion takes a backseat to her overly complicated love life. So if you're into romance, fancy outfits, and love triangles, you'll want to buckle up and get ready.

In Season 1, we got to see Emily (Lily Collins) effortlessly navigate her influencer life and career in the fashion industry with minimal bumps in the road while the tumultuous events of her romantic dalliances took center stage. Most of that time was spent swooning over Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), whose long-term girlfriend Camille (Camille Razat) Emily makes friends with along the way. Season 2 tortured fans with a "The Sopranos"-esque ending where Emily has to choose between her boss in Chicago and her other more challenging French boss, who are both pulling her in different directions; but as she announces that she's made her decision, the show cuts to black and the credits roll. Well, the new trailer clearly shows what decision Emily has made — along with the romantic struggles she will have to deal with in the upcoming season.

They're traveling down the road and back again for a third time

According to the trailer, Emily makes absolutely no decision at all — and instead tries to people-please both bosses at the same time. This choice is even mocked in the trailer itself when Emily debates the phrase "ne pas choisir c'est encore choisir," by Jean-Paul Satre, with her French teacher. The phrase means, "even not choosing is still a choice," which leaves Emily flabbergasted about whether or not she is even making the right choices for her own life.

Aside from her career (which will likely take a backseat to her love life if the showrunners follow precedent from previous seasons), Emily has another big choice to make: Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) or Gabriel? Gabriel has been around since the beginning, so he's likely a fan favorite. But there's certainly something special about Alfie. Regardless of who she chooses, you'll have to wait for the season debut on December 21 to find out.