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Here's Where You Can Stream Scrooged This Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially upon us. That means friends and families the world over are prepping for long weekend visits and cozy nights on the couch. It also means it's time to start binging away at our favorite holiday movies and TV specials. These days, that holiday binge likely includes indulging in a few more schmaltzy Hallmark flicks than most of us are willing to admit. There are, however, dozens of other certified holiday classics that deliver the schmaltz without shorting the head or the heart. And 1988's slapstick dark comedy "Scrooged" is arguably one of the best classic Christmas movies.

That film is, of course, a modern, pseudo-meta interpretation of Charles Dickens' immortal tale, "A Christmas Carol," which tells the story of a money-loving businessman named Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge re-discovers the holiday spirit after being visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. As played by Bill Murray, the central character in "Scrooged" is a hot-shot TV exec named Frank Cross. And he's producing a live, Christmas Eve broadcast of Dicken's story that doesn't entirely jive with the spirit of the season. The same could be said of Richard Donner's take on the iconic source material too, and that's precisely why it's become a seasonal staple for many. Here's where you can stream "Scrooged" this year. 

You can cozy up and enjoy Scrooged on a couple of streaming platforms this holiday season

We're hardly claiming "Scrooged" a hard-hearted, anti-holiday fable. Some might even argue Bill Murray's impassioned, near-possessed "holiday spirit" speech at the end of "Scrooged" packs as much punch as any holiday flick in existence. But the road there is decidedly dark at times, even by comparison to Charles Dickens' source material. And yes, "Scrooged" is steeped in a sort of "greed is good," late-80s decadence that occasionally rings off-key. Murray's smarmy, and often disarmingly sweet performance keeps the sometimes prickly affair brimming with soul. And it's a big reason that the final speech pays off so heartily. 

If you want to stream every sticky, and not-so-sticky sweet moment of "Scrooged" this holiday season, you'll be happy to know that, according to Just Watch, you can do so through your subscriptions to either Amazon Prime Video or Paramount+. If you do not have a subscription to either of those services, you still have plenty of options to stream "Scrooged" this season. However, you should know those options will still cost you a few bucks, as you'll need to rent or buy a digital copy from one of the many Video On Demand outlets. According to Just Watch, renting "Scrooged" via iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon, and other VOD markets will run you about $2.99. If you prefer to buy it, you can do so from those same outlets at a cost of $6.99. And that's a very reasonable price for those Murray-tinged holiday feels.