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My Hero Academia Director Explains Why Fans Have To Wait So Long Between Seasons

"My Hero Academia" is easily among the most popular anime of the modern era (via Parrot Analytics). The series follows the students of U.A., a school for aspiring heroes in a world where superpowers are normal. Of course, there are also villains looking to bring down this society and the heroes defending it. 

Based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, much of "My Hero Academia" has built up the two sides of this conflict. Season 6 has fully embraced the battle between the heroes — professional and aspiring — and villains, blurring the lines of morality on both sides, and things are murkier than ever. While the stakes have risen considerably over the course of the series, the wait for new episodes has become even more excruciating than ever as a result. Still, according to "My Hero Academia" director Kenji Nagasaki, there's a good reason for the occasional delay in production.

The break is to make sure that the quality remains top-tier

The Japanese crew behind "My Hero Academia" sat down with Anime News Network to discuss the success of the series and what's to come. When the question came to Kenji Nagasaki about how he feels about the hiatus between seasons and whether he finds it helpful, the director was very forthcoming with his feelings.

"There's a break so that we can take time to work on this show and not lower the bar," Nagasaki said. "That's one of the reasons why there's a break between the seasons — so that we can take what we learned from the first season and make it better." Since this interview was conducted after the first season aired, it seems fans would likely agree that this approach has made the show better over the years.

"We have that time to adjust and assess what we've learned from the first season and make it better for the second season," Nagasaki said. While some "My Hero Academia" fans agree Season 5 was the worst, with Season 6 firing on all cylinders, the series has never been more exciting. Furthermore, with the end of the manga near, according to Kohei Horikoshi (via Anime Geek), things are likely to get more exciting moving forward.