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Criminal Minds: Evolution Fans Are In Stitches Over Uncharacteristic Foul Language In The Series Premiere

"Criminal Minds" has reintroduced itself for the streaming age through the brand-new Paramount+ series "Criminal Minds: Evolution." Though more of a continuation rather than a genuine reboot — and, some might argue, a series that doesn't live up to its title — "Evolution" is making some attempts to raise the stakes. 

For instance, as Zach Gilford's serial killer Elias Voit indulges in his violent urges vicariously through an online network of murders, viewers are shown some of the most gruesome scenes in the "Criminal Minds" franchise to date. As those bloody massage tables make clear, the series clearly wants to shock the audience with how nasty things can get on streaming. Yet what truly is flabbergasting many viewers — arguably even more so than the increased level of violence and gore — is one completely bloodless moment. Said moment occurs when Joe Mantegna's David Rossi has a shocking outburst upon hearing Voit's new nickname, "Sicarius" (derived from the spider he used on a victim). 

"I'm not gonna name this jag-off," Rossi shouts at JJ. "F***head! Okay? Call him that." 

Aside from pointing out that nicknaming serial killers usually does more harm than good, Rossi's line sent social media into an excited flurry over the use of a certain word that never would've flown on network TV.

Rossi's finally able to let it all out

In the surely soon-to-be-immortal words of Twitter user @ceemonster — "Yo! They get to CURSE curse now." 

Indeed, the cast of "Criminal Minds: Evolution" is now completely free to swear, seemingly however and whenever the script wants them too. The change is likely a consequence of leaving cable for the looser-regulated streaming space — or as @_danieeellle puts it: "Criminal Minds got moved from CBS to [Paramount+] and Rossi dropping F bombs every episode...I love it." @yobecks echoed this praise, celebrating how streaming often opens up beloved franchises to the joys and realism of NSFW language.

For many fans, the change represents a shift to more lifelike storytelling by letting the characters react to their world without censorship. @wkxexe celebrated by shouting out, "THEYRE FINALLY LETTING THE BAU CURSE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS," while @laylanicole90 wrote "I'm on the 2nd episode of #CriminalMindsEvolution and I love that they get to curse now," and argued that if their job involved the disturbing situations that the BAU confronts on the daily, they'd be cursing up a storm, too. 

@JamesShotwell_ shared their sentiment, writing, "Hearing the cast of #CriminalMindsEvolution finally swear after 15 seasons of the most horrific crimes on television is really fun treat," before going on to call Rossi's line, "the most long awaited F bomb in television history." @ChristinaCloud2 seemed to agree that Rossi needed to be let loose, posting genuine excitement and laughter at hearing the character finally express the thoughts that he certainly has been thinking all these years. 

And clearly, many other "Criminal Minds" fans agree.