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Damien Chazelle's Babylon Trailer Captures The Roaring '20s

Margot Robbie has played some pretty wild roles throughout her impressive career, like the unpredictable Harley Quinn in the DCU and the scandalous Tanya Harding in "I, Tonya." But according to the actress herself, the movie "Babylon," where she plays Nellie LaRoy, is "as wild as Wolf of Wall Street" and has "a dizzying amount of debauchery" (via Empire). From the look of the film's first full-length preview, the Oscar nominee isn't kidding.

Robbie stars alongside Brad Pitt, another powerhouse of cinema with an incredibly impressive list of films on his resume. The movie showcases Hollywood in its early days and how completely over the top the industry — both on- and off-set — was at the time. Also in the 188-minute epic period piece is a robust amount of talent that includes Diego Calva, Jean Smart, Toby Maguire, Li Jun Li, Jovan Adepo, Olivia Wilde, Samara Weaving, Spike Jonze, and Katherine Waterston, amongst several others. Sitting in the director's chair and penning the screenplay for the comedy-drama is none other than Oscar-winner Damian Chazelle (via IMDb).

According to Variety, when the film had a screening for industry professionals on November 14, 2022, an ample amount of buzz was generated regarding the provocative picture, with Margot Robbie making her way into the Best Actress discussion for the Oscars. And now the first full-length trailer for "Babylon" has been released, showcasing the wild child that was Hollywood during the infamous roaring twenties.

Babylon offers viewers a bold and fascinating take on old Hollywood

The trailer kicks things off at a Hollywood party where Brad Pitt's character Jack Conrad says, " I think what we have here in Hollywood is high art, it's ... " and then is immediately interrupted by Margot Robbie's character Nellie LaRoy screaming, "Party Time!" holding sparklers while wearing overalls and being carried on the back of a man in his underwear surrounded by several more with the same attire. From there, the entire thing kicks into high gear with shots of outrageous Tinseltown Soirees, massive on-location film productions, and a slew of remarkable characters introduced, all traversing the highs and lows of stardom back when it all began. The entire cinematic endeavor teased in the captivating promo is arguably the most ambitious project Robbie or director Damian Chazelle has ever embarked upon.

The Academy Award-winning director has pulled off some epic endeavors during his career, such as a highway dance sequence in "La La Land" and the first mission to the moon in "First Man," but all of that pales in comparison to the production of "Babylon," according to Chazelle. "It was definitely the hardest thing I've done," the award-winning auteur told Vanity Fair. "Just the logistics of it, the number of characters, the scale of the set pieces, the span of time that the movie charts — it all conspired to make it particularly challenging, but it was a challenge that was pretty exciting to take on."

And from the looks of the well-crafted trailer, fans of Margot Robbie should not sleep on "Babylon" nor let it become part of the list of films that the actress has done that some people have never heard of or seen.