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The Winchesters Fans Are Tearing Up Over That Heartbreaking Funeral In Season 1 Episode 6

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 6 of "The Winchesters."

"Supernatural" is fondly remembered for the many cool things it offered, such as creepy monsters, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester's (Jensen Ackles) stunning collection of disguises, and that sweet impala they drove. But make no mistake, the series featured plenty of emotional moments, as the show could turn on the waterworks in a demonic heartbeat. That's because "Supernatural" is full of some of the saddest moments on television. The series rarely treated intense moments such as death lightly. And based on the latest episode of "The Winchesters," it appears the same can be said for the spin-off.

Titled "Art of Dying," at first glance, this entire episode for "The Winchesters" could be seen as a giant and, at times, a bloody allegory for anger. The show's creature this time is a vengeful spirit inspired by a real Caribbean myth. Yet beyond angry ghosts, we also witness John (Drake Roger) dealing with his anger issues primarily leftover from having served in the military. However, before the episode dives into John confronting himself and the gang facing a soucouyant, there's a visit to an old family friend of Mary's (Meg Donnelly). Unfortunately, it's only due to the death of another hunter, which leads the gang to attend a memorable funeral. And it was at this heartbreaking point in the episode that fans couldn't help but tear up.

The Winchesters presents an emotional hunter's funeral

"The Winchesters" gang makes their way to the farm of Tracy (Audrey Marie Anderson), a hunter who used to team up with Mary's mom. It turns out that Tracy's hunter friend Darla (Jacquie Schmidt) was murdered and left in Tracy's barn. What follows afterward is probably the series' most devastating yet beautiful scene, as everyone holds a special hunter's funeral for Darla. It was enough to get the tears flowing from quite a few fans. @dw_ackles posted, "The way they showed hunters' funerals in such an emotional way. THERE ARE TEARS IN MY EYES!!!!!!"

Part of what makes the scene hit so hard are some of the more subtle actions. For instance, Tracy carefully cleans Darla's wounds with a towel and water and tells her deceased friend she can rest now. In addition, as another fan pointed out, the music selection of Judy Collins' cover of the song "Joan of Arc" is touching. Initially written by songwriter Leonard Cohen, the song's lyrics of Joan talking with a flame that consumes her feel appropriate as a fire physically burns Darla's body.

Yet, the scene also manages to hit on a nostalgic nerve for other fans in the "Supernatural" fandom. It's hard not to notice a couple of similarities between this moment in "The Winchesters" and the finale of "Supernatural." @inthiswhisper wrote, "A hunter's funeral, right after a barn death? Is this show trying to hurt my feelings?" This refers to Dean's death in the finale when he sadly died in a barn. Unfortunately, some fans like @SinnerQueen7 weren't ready to remember that moment via "The Winchesters." They posted, "Watching that hunter's funeral gave me vivid flashbacks to the finale of SPN I most certainly didn't ask for."