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Interactive Wargames Series Sets Launch Date With New Trailer

Would you like to play a game? Seriously, it's a real question.

A new trailer has been released for the first season of #Wargames, the interactive TV series from game designer Sam Barlow and media company Eko. 

The six-episode series, billed in the trailer as "the series that watches you", will position participants at the viewpoint of Kelly, an online activist and hacker. As a child of a military family with a personal stake in seeking justice, Kelly teams up with a global group of fellow hackers to try and engineer world peace — but their efforts might accomplish just the opposite.

Viewers will reportedly be able to mold their own story out of the series by switching between a variety of available video feeds, with the series able to learn from players' choices and adapt to them, making each person's runthrough of the series an individualized experience.

Barlow's previous credits as a designer in a lead role include the video games Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and the independent release Her Story, an acclaimed interactive movie that was released in 2015Eko, the company producing the series, most famously produced the interactive, channel-flipping music video for Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone in 2013.

As we've mentioned before#Wargames by all appearances looks to have next to nothing to do with the Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy-starring 1983 movie that sort of shares its name. Rather, it appears to be using that film's title and tagline ("Shall we play a game?") as a jumping-off point to make something new. Where the movie delved into the international military establishment, this series appears to be more anti-establishment, with its marketing at least feeling much more reminiscent of the activists-versus-corporate world of Mr. Robot than that story of global thermonuclear war.

#Wargames is set to roll out on Vudu, iOS, Steam, and helloeko.com on Wednesday, March 14. An Xbox One release will also follow at a later date.