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WarGames Interactive TV Series Gets First Teaser

Don't you hate it when TV shows go in a direction you hate? Then #WarGames could be for you.

Interactive media group Eko revealed the first teaser for the upcoming interactive series that reimagines the 1983 Matthew Broderick film in modern times. But instead of thwarting thermonuclear disaster, you'll help guide a group of young hackers who "get involved in a web of modern espionage and government conspiracy."

The series is only loosely based on the original movie and seems to have much more in common with Mr. Robot. According to creator Sam Barlow, the video game director behind Her Story, the lead character named Kelly "represents the breadth of modern hacker culture and its humanity." 

Eko first announced the project two years ago, and still hasn't revealed distribution plans. But the company currently distributes other interactive series like That Moment When on HelloEko.com and social media. #WarGames will launch in early 2018.