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Jason Momoa Was Brought To Tears By Slumberland's Emotional Script

The holidays are approaching, always bringing along stories of fantasy and wonder. Coming out just in time is the new Netflix film "Slumberland." And although the movie has nothing to do with any holiday, it has the same wonder and magical energy needed to make a great family watch at this time of year. The film stars big-man Jason Momoa and youngster Marlow Barkley, who together bring to life a story that will surely bring out a broad spectrum of viewer emotions. That reaction, believe it or not, was also outwardly expressed by Momoa himself, who got his first taste of the story's premise when presented with the initial script.

"Slumberland" stems from an original comic strip, "Little Nemo in Slumberland," which was created by cartoonist Winsor McCay more than a century ago. The story was first converted into an animated series before it got the feature film treatment, produced by Netflix. The movie follows a young girl, Nemo (Barkley), who has lost her father in a boat accident at sea. She is then rescued from living with her estranged uncle when she is magically taken to the world of Slumberland, where she is guided by the eccentric character, Flip (Momoa). Although this movie leans more toward the comedic side, the emotional moments had the "Aquaman" actor himself crying when he first read the screenplay.

Jason Momoa felt an emotional connection to Slumberland's main character, Nemo

When you jump into "Slumberland," Netflix's new movie starring Jason Momoa, be prepared to experience the whole gamut of emotions. Comedy is, for sure, at the forefront of this family film. However, you may want to have a box of tissues nearby for those deeply emotional moments. That's exactly what Momoa needed when he was first given the script by director Francis Lawrence. "I was extremely excited that they thought of me for this character because I've never been able to play something like this," Momoa said in an interview with BlackFilmandTV (via YouTube). "I read the script, and I was crying, and I was like, 'Yeah, I am 100% in."' That emotional reaction, as Momoa explains, not only came directly from the plot, but also his connection to Marlow Barkley's character, Nemo.

With all the emotional ups and downs that the character Nemo experiences in the movie, Momoa connects her with his own kids. Chatting with E! Insider, Momoa went on to explain how his personal relationship with the director, Lawrence, helped bring together the star and the script. "It's all because of Francis. He just knows me, he gets to see me with my kids," Momoa continued. "It made me cry, my babies are the same age as her [Nemo]." This emotional reaction to the initial script partially results in an unexpectedly solid comedic performance from the "Game of Thrones" actor. This dose of true feelings, in combination with a smart retelling of a more than 100-year-old story, culminates into this highly enjoyable family film.