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Kristen Wiig Reportedly In Talks To Play The Villain In Wonder Woman 2

Could this Saturday Night Live alum make the switch from lots of laughs to escaping the Lasso of Truth?

According to a new report by Deadline, Kristen Wiig is the "hot name" to step into the villainess role in Wonder Woman 2. The outlet notes that Wiig is currently in talks with Warner Bros. and DC Films to play Cheetah, a cunning character in the DC Comics world and one of Diana Prince's longtime foes.

That Hashtag Show broke the news earlier this week that the Wonder Woman sequel will feature the Barbara Ann Minerva iteration of Cheetah, an archaeologist whose ethics and morals are more than a bit flexible. (After all, she's a wealthy heiress with a hunger for power and immortality, and will stop at nothing to achieve both...) During an expedition, Barbara comes across an ancient ritual, which she sees as her ticket to the life she's always dreamt of. Killing many people to get in good graces with the god Urzkartaga, she transforms into a feline villain with supernatural strength and a sinister attitude.

Though nothing official has happened at the time of writing, Deadline states that Wiig's casting could become a done deal quite quickly. If and when she does dip her quill into the movie-making ink and sign a deal on the dotted line, Wiig will take on the part that Academy Award-winning actress Emma Stone turned down. 

Apart from Gal Gadot's Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and potentially Wiig's Cheetah battling it out, the Wonder Woman sequel will be set in the 1980s (we can't wait to see what the title hero will look like with sky-high hair and shoulder pads as she tries to blend in with the mortal world) and will take place in the U.S. Chris Pine, Ewen Bremner, and Saïd Taghmaoui are returning for the second installment, and their appearances may not just be in flashback sequences. Pine's Steve Trevor may have perished in the first Wonder Woman, but apparently, the sequel will see him come back to life and reunite with his superhero lady love.

The second Wonder Woman movie is set to launch on November 1, 2019.