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Legion Season 2 Promos Tease More Insanity

It's difficult to tell what's real in the world of Legion, but one thing is certain: it's all really trippy.

FX released a pair of new teasers for the upcoming second season of the Marvel adaptation by Noah Hawley (Fargo), and they hint that David Haller (Dan Stevens) will face a new and creepy threat this time around. 

The first promo (above) reveals that Haller could still be hiding something from Syd (Rachel Keller) and possibly from himself as he comes to understand his mind-bending abilities. In the first season, Haller spent lots of time under the impression that he was insane until he learned that he's actually an incredibly powerful mutant. 

In the comics, Legion is the son of the X-Men's Charles Xavier, and that was teased in season 1 of the show. Patrick Stewart has said he'd be into reprising his movie role as Xavier for the show, but it's not entirely clear if Hawley will take him up on it. 

The second new promo (below) offers a glimpse at the "chatter," an illness that apparently kills everyone it infests. It's weird and unnerving, which means it's absolutely perfect for Legion.

The returning cast also includes Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Jean Smart (Fargo), Jeremie Harris (The Get Down), Amber Midthunder (Hell or High Water), Bill Irwin (Interstellar), Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords), and Katie Aselton (The League).

We'll find out more (but probably end up with even more questions) when Legion season 2 premieres April 3 on FX.