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Impractical Jokers: Joe Gatto's Possible Replacements Ranked From Worst To Best

It's impossible to talk about prank shows without mentioning the genre's crown jewel, "Impractical Jokers." Premiering on TruTv in 2011, the show follows four guys — Brian "Q" Quinn, James "Murr" Murray, Sal Vulcano, and Joe Gatto — who partake in a series of dares in each episode. The cast member who scores the lowest on the dares is forced to embarrass themselves in public with actions delegated by the other three.

The show has amassed more than 200 episodes (and counting), with each featuring wildly creative and cringeworthy dares. And while the dares themselves are always unpredictable and fun, the thing that really makes "Impractical Jokers" stand out against similar shows is its cast members, who are fearless and creative with wicked senses of humor, and never afraid to make (huge) fools of themselves.

So when, in January of 2022, Joe announced he was stepping back from the show to "focus on being the best father" to his two kids following a split with his wife Bessy, fans were naturally concerned that his departure would leave a hole that no one else could fill.

But the show must go on — especially when that show has such high ratings. Which is why "Impractical Jokers" took a new approach to its Joe-less episodes, and had them feature a rotation of guest stars. Here's a ranking of how well we think each of them would do as a permanent Joe replacement, from worst to best.

9. Method Man

One of the more unconventional, out-there choices for a Joe replacement, Clifford Smith Jr., aka Method Man, is best known not for comedy, but for his contribution to mega-successful hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Method has been in the musical spotlight since the early '90s, and has earned multiple accolades, including a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for his duet with Mary J. Blige on "I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By."

Okay, so ... how does this career qualify him for "Impractical Jokers"? Well, believe it or not, Method has actually appeared in a number of comedies, including Jordan Peele's TV series "The Last O.G.," the Fox sitcom "Method & Red," and even the 2004 rom-com "Garden State."

Sadly, it turns out that just because you're a relatively seasoned comedic actor doesn't mean you're a great fit for "Impractical Jokers." After it aired, fans complained that Method's episode wasn't particularly funny, and that its chief punishment was more torture than comedy. Perhaps it was nothing more than a dud episode, but these negative reviews still don't exactly bode well for a potential new cast member.

8. Chris Jericho

One of the biggest surprises from Season 10 of "Impractical Jokers" is that Chris Jericho appears as a guest star. Yes, that Chris Jericho — you know, the professional wrestler. But what some may not know about Jericho is that he's actually dabbled pretty extensively in comedy. In 2013, he created a comedy web series called "But I'm Chris Jericho!" which sees him playing a character similar to himself, who is struggling to become a hot-shot actor. In addition, he also hosted the sketch comedy show "Sunday Night Live" in Toronto in 2006.

But the real question is: does this background translate to "Impractical Jokers"? The answer: not quite. While his episode admittedly delivers its fair share of laughs, and Jericho seems to be having a great time, there doesn't seem to be much of a point to having him there in the first place.

Indeed, for a lot of the episode, the wrestler is just standing around, and doesn't get to participate much in any of the skits. Perhaps it was the Jokers' fault for not using him enough. But it does make one wonder if they just didn't see the reason to give him a lot of freedom or punchlines. And sadly, that doesn't bode well for him as a potential Joe replacement.

7. Jillian Bell

One of Hollywood's greatest recent comedic forces, actor Jillian Bell proved her comedic chops in 2009 when she became a writer for "Saturday Night Live." Soon after, she traveled to the other side of the camera to appear in a hilarious guest role on "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Later, Bell earned bigger roles in films such as "22 Jump Street," "The Night Before," and "Brittany Runs a Marathon." So it stands to reason that people were excited when it was announced that she was going to guest star on "Impractical Jokers" in Joe Gatto's wake.

But sadly, some viewers felt that the episode slightly lacked, saying that while it was hilarious to watch Bell kick one of the cast members in the crotch, she slightly took away from the big punishment by making herself the center of attention.

Still, this doesn't stop Bell from being solid possible replacement material. For one thing, anyone who's seen her in a film knows that she's absolutely hilarious. But a less-known fact about Bell is that she and the Jokers have history. Gatto once revealed that he and cast members "had a panel at Comic-Con at San Diego, and [Bell] decided we were going to hang out all night," adding that "It was probably one of the most epic nights that I've ever personally had at a Comic-Con."

6. Brooke Shields

When "Impractical Jokers" announced that Brooke Shields was going to appear in their new season, the choice likely came as a surprise to some. A child model who broke into acting in the 1980s during her teen years, Shields is best known for her more serious roles. The actor famously appeared in steamy survival drama "The Blue Lagoon" in 1980, and the heart-wrenching romance "Endless Love" a year later.

Shields may be remembered best for her more somber roles, but she led the '90s sitcom "Suddenly Susan" for four seasons, and more recently, she made a splash in the comedic realm by voicing Beverly Shields in Adult Swim's animated series "Mr. Pickles" since 2014.

While some "Impractical Jokers" fans might have been skeptical about Shields potentially replacing Joe, "Mr. Pickles" boasts a sophisticated, dry sense of humor that fits right in with the biting nature of the prank show. This sensibility shines through in the episode she appeared in, especially when she manages to keep a straight face when appearing in a delightfully cruel fake dating show, during which she asks Sal, "what's up with the Wolfman Jack hairdo? I don't get it. I don't know what you're trying to do." To make that moment even more vicious, Sal apparently didn't even approve that line ahead of time.

And if that doesn't convince you, then you can rest easy knowing Shields got the Q seal of approval. "She was really, really funny," he gushed.

5. Adam Pally & Joe Gabrus

One of the major things that Adam Pally & Joe Gabrus have on their side as potential replacements for Joe on "Impractical Jokers" is that they are already pretty seasoned reality TV stars. The two comedians helm the 2022 truTV show "101 Places to Party Before You Die," in which they visit flashy destinations such as Maui, Moab, and Puerto Rico.

Showcased in the series, one thing that sets Pally and Gabrus apart from the other "Impractical Jokers" guest stars is their natural, uproarious rapport. The two effortlessly bounce jokes off one another, making them a joy to watch.

Pally and Gabrus put all this to the test in their appearance on the show. The duo shine — especially when delivering an epic punishment to an original cast member, which showcases not only their comfort in the prank environment, but also an ability to be totally devious and creative. Some may object to the two as a Joe replacement because they're admittedly some of the show's lesser-known guest stars. But given a chance, they're bound to prove the skeptics wrong.

4. Colin Jost

Colin Jost has a special connection to "Impractical Jokers": His brother Casey is a writer and producer on the show. But this isn't your usual case of nepotism. Colin is a gifted comedian in his own right — he's been a writer on "Saturday Night Live" since 2005, and became a co-anchor on the show's "Weekend Update" segment in 2014 following the departure of Seth Meyers. He also became one of the show's head writers in 2017.

So we know that he has what it takes to deliver jokes and crank out comedic content on a weekly basis. But does he have what it takes to inflict and endure the grueling public humiliation that "Impractical Jokers" requires?

Signs point to "yes." Since Casey is his brother, members of the show have inferred that Colin has gotten special BTS looks at "Impractical Jokers" over the years, and knows what it takes to be on the show. Q noted that "Casey has been one of only maybe four crew members who have been with us since day one," adding that he and the other Jokers "call Casey 'the extra Joker' all the time," and revealing that "we've known that family for a long [time]." If that doesn't give Colin a bit of a leg up in fitting right in with the cast, then what will?

3. David Cross

Actor David Cross has been a comedy staple for decades. As seen through his work as David in the sketch comedy show "Mr. Show with Bob and David," an "Arrested Development" regular, and a leading character in the film series "Alvin and the Chipmunks," being funny seems to just be in Cross' nature.

Given this, it might come as a surprise to some that he was initially hesitant to appear on "Impractical Jokers." He revealed that he had never watched the show, and isn't a fan of prank shows in general, as he sees them as "messing with innocent people." So when he got an offer to guest star, he was skeptical. "But then as I was watching the clips," he revealed, "I realized, 'Oh, they're not messing with innocent people. They're messing with each other.'" He explained that, upon watching the show, he found it "endearing" and "funny," admiring the cast members for being "ballsy to the point of like, kind of dangerous."

Given that Cross was new to the prank show world, his appearance on Season 9 of "Impractical Jokers" is wildly impressive. In addition to having the guts to follow some pretty brutal instructions, Cross even improvises one of the episode's wildest moments: cutting up Murr's credit cards. Many viewers said he seemed like he'd been on the show all along, and fit right in with the other cast members. What more can you really ask for?

2. Rob Riggle

One of Hollywood's most hilarious character actors, Rob Riggle has appeared in "The Hangover," "21 Jump Street," "Dumb and Dumber To," and "Furry Vengeance." In addition, Riggle was also a cast member on "Saturday Night Live" for a short period of time. Given this, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he fit right in during his guest appearance on "Impractical Jokers."

In just 30 minutes, the actor shows a stunning level of comedic range. From nailing physical comedy (he gives one of the cast members a huge, painful wedgie), to going above and beyond when interacting with people in the wild, his enthusiasm and commitment makes his natural hilariousness even more fun to watch. A couple of viewers even agree that Rob's episode was the best post-Joe episode of the show so far, which certainly bodes well for the actor's potential future with the Jokers.

1. Eric André

It's hard to think of anyone more qualified to be a new member of "Impractical Jokers" than Eric André. The host of sketch show "The Eric Andre Show," the comedian is no stranger to embarrassing people, whether it's high-profile guests or strangers on the street. But perhaps most important is the fact that he isn't afraid to embarrass himself, even going so far as to crash the Republican National Convention and heckle public figures such as Alex Jones. His commitment to the bit that day was so strong that the comedian thought for a moment that he was going to get killed.

Given this, it comes as no surprise that André was absolutely hilarious on "Impractical Jokers." While some fans complained that, considering his experience in cringe-worthy, "Jokers"-esque comedy, he wasn't given enough to do during his episode, he still has a pretty integral part in its wildly cruel punishment, which involves Sal hosting a fake game show and then insulting the guests for believing it was real. Watching André deliver cringeworthy lines for Sal to say (such as "I'm still hungover from last Black History Month") is just an added bonus.