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Taylor Kinney Credits Chicago Fire's Cast Chemistry For The Show's Longevity

When "Chicago Fire" made its primetime debut in 2012, viewers likely didn't realize it did so as the potential flagship for a new small-screen franchise. Backed by legendary "Law & Order" producer Dick Wolf, that was seemingly always the plan for the series (per TV Guide), which indeed launched the so-called "One Chicago" series for NBC. With 10 seasons of high-octane, first responder drama already under its belt and an 11th season currently underway, "Chicago Fire" remains, arguably, the strongest series in the franchise. And it shows little sign of running out of dramatic fuel anytime soon.

As thrilling as that drama remains for longtime "Chicago Fire" fans, it's a safe bet the series' cast is every bit as thrilled with the show's continued success. That's especially true as many of the actors in the "Chicago Fire" ensemble have been hanging around Firehouse 51 since the show's early days. As it is, the face of Taylor Kinney — who portrays Lieutenant Kelly Severide on "Chicago Fire" — has been as prominent as any. And over the series' lengthy run, Kinney believes he and his co-stars have legitimately developed a family-like chemistry. He also believes said chemistry is the driving force behind the longevity of "Chicago Fire."

Taylor Kinney has a lot of love for his Chicago Fire castmates

Taylor Kinney made that comment during a 2021 interview with Today. The actor appeared on the morning show in celebration of the 200th episode of "Chicago Fire" alongside his longtime co-star David Eigenberg, who plays Senior Firefighter Christopher Herrman on the show. Said interview covered all manner of topics, including the series' enduring appeal to primetime audiences. When asked directly why he thinks "Chicago Fire" has been on so long, Kinney didn't hesitate to name the cast as a big reason.

"It's a sense of family," Kinney first notes, adding, "I think the chemistry of the cast ... it's a testament to the chemistry of the show, from the top down." Kinney continued by praising Dick Wolf for helping set the tone for the primary cast. "We all get along," he said, continuing, "I think that, for an audience across the board ... people see the way we get along." The actor went on to admit that a family-like vibe among the cast extends beyond the confines of NBC backlots. In fact, Kinney claims he and his co-stars regularly spend time together when the cameras aren't rolling, noting, "It's a tight-knit group." 

If history has taught us anything, it's that Dick Wolf and his creative team are more adept than most at assembling first-rate ensemble casts. So it's hardly surprising that "Chicago Fire" would also front a close-knit crew of on-camera talent. But even within the realm of Wolf's astounding body of work, the "Chicago Fire" cast seems more in tune than most. And it's always nice to see that acknowledged by a series' star.