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Warwick Davis Had No Hesitation About Jumping Back Into The World Of Willow

"Willow" is having a renaissance thanks to the upcoming Disney+ series; the original 1988 film saw farmer Willow Ufgood risk his own life to save a prophecized baby and bring down an evil sorceress. Its appeal comes from many elements — including a striking blend of styles. The Hollywood Reporter's Graeme McMillan described George Lucas and Ron Howard's contributions as "...something that mixed the camaraderie of Star Wars — and more than a few of its storytelling quirks, for that matter — with the stylings of J.R.R. Tolkien and Grimm's fairy tales..." Its blend of fantasy and adventure won over fans, even if that rise to cult status took longer than expected.

One of the film's biggest draws remains Warwick Davis; the veteran actor gave a memorable performance as the heroic farmer and film's namesake, Willow. This time, Davis returns to a character that is changed by a new level of sorcery and an evolving world of mysteries.

Jumping back into character came with risks for its star. He was adamant about bringing back what fans loved about the first incarnation — and nothing less than a worthy successor would do. A familiar name behind the series' creation would help seal the deal for Davis. The combination of timing and a spirited story made it easy for the actor to revisit one of his most famous characters.

Davis was persuaded by a very special fan's pitch

Jonathan Kasdan's interest in "Willow" goes back to his childhood. The son of "Return of the Jedi" and "Empire Strikes Back" co-writer Lawrence Kasdan; he was instantly drawn to its mix of epic fantasy and deeply rooted characterizations. Years later, the younger Kasdan got the chance to take his dream to reality as he became a part of getting a "Willow" series off the ground. It would all come together thanks to another project that carried high hopes and ultimately landed a mixed reception among fans.

"Solo: A Star Wars Story" may have undergone a dramatic creative process, but that same set helped the "Willow" update become a reality. Jonathan Kasdan, who co-wrote "Solo" with his father, just happened to be on location when Davis came to shoot a special cameo. Kasdan revealed to Davis his zeal for a Willow project.

According to the writer, just mentioning the possible project instantly piqued the actor's interest. "He immediately was like, 'Have a seat! Let's talk more!'" Kasdan told Vanity Fair. "We started talking that very minute about what it could be and have never stopped."