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The Walking Dead Finale Brought Out Some Serious Emotion In Fans

"The Walking Dead" has shambled its way to one heck of a run on AMC. Though the series began on a smaller scale with its bite-sized first season, the horror drama has gone on to chalk up a total of 177 episodes over the course of its 11 seasons. As if this success weren't enough, the series has also gone on to spawn several spin-off shows, some of which will continue to follow characters from the main series (via People).

Based on the comic book franchise created by Robert Kirkman, "The Walking Dead" follows a growing group of survivors as they try and navigate their grim post-apocalyptic reality. The series is known for its shocking brutality, sudden character deaths, and the morally compromising nature of its world. Still, even with fans used to all of these aspects in relation to the show, that didn't stop them from feeling some pretty big emotions when it came time for "The Walking Dead" Season 11, Episode 24.

The finale offered major character deaths and some big twists

On the r/thewalkingdead subreddit, fans popped in to commiserate over the end of their beloved series and share the myriad of emotions that the ending of "The Walking Dead" stirred up in them. "Did they kill the actor for real and film the reactions, or did everyone take sobbing lessons?" wrote u/burner4internet in the top comment, referring to one of the many key deaths that occurred in the series finale.

Of course, being a series known for regularly killing off characters in shockingly violent ways, "The Walking Dead" had to knock off a few more major cast members in the series finale. All the same, these grim expectations didn't stop fans from feeling pure sorrow as they said goodbye to some of their favorite characters in the series.

"The girls crowded around Luke and Gabriel praying made me feel like I was actually at funerals," wrote u/matnerlander. Luke's (Dan Fogler) demise seemed to hit viewers particularly hard, with his poignant last words serving as a reminder to his fellow survivors to remember the good things in life and not let this heartless world rob them of their humanity.

"I was fine until Eugene was kneeling at the brick and introduced little Rosie," said u/notjustsad, referring to the death of Rosita (Christian Serratos). Eugene (Josh McDermitt) named his new daughter after Rosita in a sad final show of respect and meaning, adding a palpable sense of emotion to the loss. While "The Walking Dead" has finally been laid to rest at last, with three more spin-offs on the way, it seems AMC is far from done with this world.