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Negan's Apology In The Walking Dead Finale Has Fans Singing A Different Tune

Anyone who has seen even some of "The Walking Dead" for the past several years will be well-versed in the crimes of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). A classic villain in the comics, Negan arrives in the series as the baseball bat-wielding leader of the Saviors community. The loyalty that he inspires in his followers is absolute, but it comes at a cost. All in the name of survival, Negan rules with an iron fist and takes what he wants when he can. It is hard to forget the collection of women he coerces into marriage with him, effectively stealing them from their families for his corrupt designs. And while it is a relief when Ezekiel confronts Negan about his abuses, it was a long time coming.

Since being deposed from his position and imprisoned by Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Negan has been walking the long road to redemption. He formed a close bond with Judith (Cailey Fleming) and was instrumental in defeating Alpha (Samantha Morton). But no matter how far he has come, there is still one apology that fans have been waiting to hear.

Glenn's death deserved resolution

When counting the traumatic deaths in "The Walking Dead," the highest on the list should be the devastating end of Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun). A fellow leader in many regards, Glenn represented the best version of humanity. His kindness and empathy never wavered, meaning he was Negan's prime target when deciding who to make an example out of. Negan kills Glenn in front of his wife, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), in an event that no one could forgive easily. And despite making up for all of the ills he committed, Negan never officially apologizes to Glenn's widow. That all changes in "The Walking Dead" series finale. Fans on Twitter celebrated Negan's one last step towards redemption.

"Great that Negan and Maggie made amends. And he realize his mistakes and how his actions cost someone's life," posted @Jacara97. However, @meganpsitn noted the length of time it took for Negan to cross that bridge. It has been six years since Glenn's brutal demise, and some fans were getting antsy. But that length of time also increased the catharsis that Negan's apology would bring. Because it has been so long, finally hearing Negan apologize provided a great sense of relief. And this emotional moment was not lost on the viewers, either.

"I legit shed a tear," posted @agp1021. There was no better way to leave the true legacy of "The Walking Dead." At least until its many spin-offs kick off.