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Biggest Unanswered Questions In Terrifier 2

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the movie "Terrifier 2."

"Terrifier 2" has made headlines as it has somehow managed to exceed the phenomenal level of graphic violence from its predecessor. To avid horror fans who appreciate gore, the film is already a classic, while other viewers have been left sick to their stomachs. But the sequel also deserves far more credit not just for the quality of its special effects, but because the story is considerably more developed than the previous movie.

Art the Clown is such a great villain that the brutality of The Miles County Massacre was enough to keep audiences entertained and thoroughly freaked out. So, the second installment in the series builds upon that effective premise and expands it in every direction, not just by adding terrifying layers to the character of Art, but also by providing much more background to the new protagonist and her loved ones. However, while the "Terrifier" universe has grown in scale, the aspects introduced have only raised more questions about the horrific world and the poor souls who inhabit it. Here is a look at the mysteries that remain after Art's second onslaught on the community of Miles County.

What is Art the Clown?

In the final scene of "Terrifier," the first major sign that the vile antagonist is not entirely human occurs when he is resurrected after taking a bullet through his skull. The sequel expands upon the supernatural nature of Art the Clown as he not only displays extraordinary resilience but also several horrifying abilities that make him both a more complex entity than the average slasher and an even more terrifying character than he was in the first film.

One of the scariest aspects of Art, though, is that not much is known about him, and that remains in "Terrifier 2" as well. The fact that the villain never speaks is unsettling in itself, and even more so since he will never explain his motivation for the mindbogglingly brutal acts of violence he commits.

Even though the approach is successful at making the clown a better monster for horror flicks, fans are left eager to discover more about his origins. Among the many questions left unanswered is the most basic: What kind of monster is Art? The clown may be some sort of undead creature, like a wight or vampire, though it is also quite possible that he could be a demon, or at least possessed by one. If the mime was a human performer once, is any of his humanity left? The third entry in the trilogy will no doubt provide more insight as the layers of the character are gradually peeled back.

How powerful is the central villain?

Art the Clown shows off some truly impressive powers in "Terrifier 2" that make him appear as an even more formidable presence than he was in the first film. The demonic creature is resurrected more than once in the story, he communicates with an entity beyond the mortal realm in the shape of a clown girl, and possibly far worse is that Art shows he is also capable of interacting with the heroine in her dream.

The supernatural abilities of the clown displayed so far are proof that he is probably a threat beyond other fearsome maniacs like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, or maybe even Freddy Krueger as well. This would put him on a level closer to the O.G. clown monster, the primordial Pennywise from Stephen King's "It." Yet, the extent of Art's powers remains obscure for the most part at this point, so it is difficult to speculate where he would ultimately rank amongst the reigning kings of horror. Though given what has been revealed about the clown, the sequel may have only scratched the surface of his terrifying potential.

Did Sienna Shaw visit Art's domain in her nightmare?

Early in "Terrifier 2," protagonist Sienna Shaw enters a rather disturbing place called the Clown Café while she is dreaming in her sleep. Within this surreal environment, Sienna encounters her nemesis, Art, for the first time and witnesses the absolutely horrific level of his brutality as he slays everyone in sight. The killer nearly ends the heroine as well before she manages to find the gladius blade her father gifted her and blocks the attack. Once she abruptly awakens, the flames from Art's attack leave the nightmare and follow her into the real world, setting the painted wings of her costume on fire.

Later in the finale, Sienna is unwillingly thrust into the Clown Café again after Art stabs her with her own sword and tosses her through some kind of gateway on the floor. Back in the creepy clown dimension, the heroine falls into a water tank and drowns as the same mutilated inhabitants surrounding her sing their disturbing tune.

Fortunately, Sienna is revived by her magical weapon and manages to crawl back through the gateway and out of the alternate realm. But even after her second escape, the place remains clouded in mystery, especially since the protagonist was able to enter both through her dream and physically through a portal. With his visage upon the wall, Art clearly holds power in this domain beyond our world, but how much power? And is the Clown Café his own personal realm, or is it dominated by a grander, more malevolent entity than him? Regardless of the answer, it will certainly be terrifying.

What is the clown girl?

Similar to Art, little is known about the malicious clown girl introduced at the beginning of "Terrifier 2." Throughout the film, the ghostly creature accompanies Art and can only be seen by the main villain along with the two Shaw children, Sienna and Jonathan, but no one else. Regardless, her ability to interact with the physical world shows that she is more than just a vision seen by these three individuals. The vile sidekick also displays frightening powers that make it easier for her and Art to achieve their twisted goals, such as mimicking Jonathan's voice to lure Sienna into a trap.

Once the siblings look over their father's sketchbook, a newspaper clip reveals some details about the clown child's grim origins when she was a 10-year-old girl named Emily Crane. Emily was the daughter of mimes who performed in the circus, and on one tragic night, her mutilated corpse was discovered in the makeup trailer on the carnival grounds.

There is a solid connection between the clown girl and Art, in that he really behaves more like a mime than a clown, but ultimately, the revelation only creates more questions. Since Art's vicious attacks seem to have turned Victoria Heyes into a thrall-like monster, did the clown do the same to somehow make Emily's deranged soul beholden to him after killing her? Of course, given the two are associated with mimes, the much worse possibility to consider is that Art may have once been Emily's father before her brutal death.

What happened to the Shaw kids' father?

Throughout "Terrifier 2," Sienna and Jonathan Shaw are prime victims of Art the Clown in several ways, most of which have something to do with their father. Before the beginning of the movie, he was afflicted with a severe brain tumor that made the environment at home very difficult for everyone in the family. Not only did his illness cause him to forget things and act strangely, but even worse was his abusive behavior toward Sienna as his condition deteriorated. 

Aside from the domestic issues, the tumor also seems to have caused some supernatural effects on the man as well. The sketchbook that he kept did not just contain newspaper clips related to the Miles County Massacre and the death of Emily Crane. Far more disturbing were his accurate drawings of the victims murdered in the first film, along with a realistic sketch of Art as well.

Since it would have been nearly impossible for a normal person to know the heinous details of the violent crimes, it is conceivable that Mr. Shaw had prophetic visions of that dark night and future events. If so, then he likely drew the portrait of his daughter as a heroine on purpose, knowing that Sienna would decapitate Art in an epic showdown at some point. There is no explanation for how the father gained his extraordinary ability other than the tumor, though it's hard to believe that the ailment is the sole cause of his mysterious behavior.

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Why can the Shaw siblings see the clown girl?

In "Terrifier 2," there are hints that the father of the Shaw children most likely had impressive abilities, such as witnessing events from afar, both in distance and through time. Though just as extraordinary, he may have also had the power to imbue Sienna's blade with magical properties. Since the heroine is victorious at the end of the film by using the lethal weapon, it is quite possible that some of his extraordinary qualities may have rubbed off onto his progeny, too, before he tragically took his own life.

The other major sign that Sienna, as well as her brother, are different stems from the fact that the duo are the only other people that can see the clown girl aside from Art. This begs the question as to whether all of them are strongly connected in some way. There is also the horrible possibility that the Shaws could be related to Emily Crane, or maybe even the central villain as well.

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What made the sword so powerful?

While the victims in the original film stood no chance against their demonic assailant, in "Terrifier 2" Art the Clown faces a worthy opponent in Sienna. What really makes the heroine effective against such a formidable foe is her powerful weapon, a blade in the style of an ancient Roman gladius. The first hint that the sword her father left her was special is the way it was completely undamaged after the fire from Sienna's nightmare scorched all the other possessions on her dresser. Later in the climactic battle between Sienna and Art, the blade magically heals her fatal wound and brings her back into the fight so that she can bring to fruition the vision of her father and hack off the head of the villain with her potent weapon. 

Other than the fact that the magic sword once belonged to her father, any other information about the legendary weapon remains shrouded in mystery. Though sequel films will likely reveal whether he obtained the sword in its formidable form, or if he somehow bestowed the magical properties upon it. Furthermore, it is clear that the weapon displays extraordinary capabilities, but is that the extent of its power? Or is the blade even more epic than what has been shown so far? Viewers will have to wait and see to find out.

Why was Sienna destined to fight Art?

One of the most significant questions left unanswered from "Terrifier 2" is the reason why Sienna's father predicted she would defeat Art in the first place. However, the elder Shaw may not have just predicted the upcoming battle with the forces of evil, and was instead already in the fight, which would further explain his behavior before his death. If that is the case, then the role of the Shaw family could be to represent the forces of good, a duty that was then passed on to his daughter. So, whereas Art is the embodiment of pure evil, Sienna would then be seen as the opposite; a defender of justice and a warrior to protect the innocent.

Though a far more sinister explanation for why Sienna and Art are connected could be that the monster was once her father, or the demon clown is now inhabiting his dead body. Sienna's dad may then have become aware of what was happening to him, so before he perished and lost control, he could have been making preparations to guarantee his daughter would be able to destroy what he would later become.

Regardless of how her dad knew Sienna would become the monster slayer, a very important takeaway is that he was right. Now, the heroine's fight with evil is far from over after the reincarnation of her nemesis, but the battle-hardened veteran is stronger for her next battle with Art, the clown girl, Victoria Heyes, or any other monster she may have to face in this expanding franchise.

Does Art consume human flesh?

On top of not knowing what kind of creature Art the Clown is in "Terrifier 2," one of the most unsettling aspects of his behavior also remains an exceedingly disturbing mystery. At the end of the first film, the monster horrifically feasts on the face of the single survivor, Victoria Heyes, before he is stopped by the police. Then, in the sequel, Art continues these vile acts by biting into Brooke's heart and attacking Jonathan's leg with his teeth. Plus, it appears like he may do the same to the brain of the coroner in the intro of the movie, but the scene cuts away right before that would happen.

Art biting into his victims is one of the greatest examples of how not knowing his motivations makes him much more terrifying. But viewers must wonder, do his actions mean he is some sort of zombie-like or vampiric monster who must feast on humans in order to sustain himself? Or, on the other hand, the other gruesome possibility is that he just uses his teeth as one more weapon among the rest of the terrible collection in his garbage bag.

Can Art the Clown only hunt on Halloween?

Both the original "Terrifier" and its sequel take place on Halloween when the destructive clown can somewhat blend into the crowd amongst all the costume-wearing trick-or-treaters and others celebrating the holiday. But does Art choose to only stalk his prey that one night of the year, or is there something else that prohibits him from hunting any other time? 

If the origins of the clown's evil are demonic in nature, a possibility is that the entity that calls itself Art may wait until the boundary between the physical world and the Satanic realm is at its thinnest. At this critical juncture when the masses observe the macabre and embrace the darkness, it's possible that the monster reaches the peak of his power and is then able to dole out the maximum amount of carnage on the unfortunate victims in his path. Or is this just his way of celebrating his favorite holiday?

How did Victoria Heyes resurrect Art?

In the final post-credit scene of "Terrifier 2," the audience witnesses the absolutely disgusting resurrection of Art the Clown after he is slain by Sienna. Unlike how the monster is simply revived by a surge of power in the first film, Art is brought back to life in an exceptionally grotesque fashion with the creature's severed head birthed through the womb of Victoria Heyes like an infant.

Once viewers get over the initial shock of the horrid sight, questions begin to arise over the implications of the event. What role did the clown girl have in the unnatural birth other than delivering the decapitated remains to its new "mother"? And given the new glowing, yellow eye on Victoria, does that mean she is now possessed by the demonic being that inhabited the body of Emily Crane? Regardless of the answers to these morbid questions, one thing is for certain: Art the Clown is a nigh-unstoppable force of evil that is practically immortal.

Do all of Art's surviving victims become like Victoria Heyes?

By the end of "Terrifier 2," Victoria Heyes has almost become as horrifying as the monster that nearly killed her. After becoming heavily disfigured from Art the Clown's brutal attacks, the first shocking sign that she had completely lost her mind was when she murdered the news anchor who interviewed her after the event. From then on, her descent into madness has only accelerated into what appears to be full-on possession by a malicious entity.

So far, Victoria has been the only one who has survived Art's wrath up until Sienna and her brother Jonathan miraculously managed to stay alive in their encounter with the villain. Have the siblings lived on only to discover that the creature has left his toxic mark on them, too? As the destined savior, Sienna may be protected by unseen forces like the magic of the sword, but is her brother also guarded since he is also one of the Shaws? These questions will have to be answered later in the film series, but one grim hint foreshadowing the future could be that Jonathan was already fascinated with dark stories to begin with, so demonic forces may not have trouble warping his mind.