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The Real Meaning Behind The Green Ranger's Flute Explained

In the wide array of programming involving teens with superpowers, there seems to be no character more popular than a force for bad turned good. "Avatar: The Last Airbender" utilizes this trope with perfect execution in the case of the tragic Prince Zuko (Dante Basco). Though Zuko chases the Avatar across nations to capture him for the Fire Nation, it is the true power of friendship that ultimately brings him to the side of the light.

The iconic 90s series "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" is no different. After the resurrection of Rita Repulsa (Machiko Soga), Rangers Red, Black, Blue, Pink, and Yellow rise to the occasion to fight their adversary. Good always triumphs over evil, which is what drives Rita to make a Ranger of her own. Tommy Oliver (the late Jason David Frank) is a martial arts champion and the perfect choice to turn into the evil Green Ranger. Though he fights the Power Rangers for a time, he endears himself to Rangers — as well as fans. The Rangers accept Tommy as one of their own, turning him into the fan-favorite Green Ranger that we know today. Tommy would go on to impress his teammates with his skills, as well as his maneuvers with the flute he uses as his primary weapon. Though flutes don't necessarily seem like the best option when taking down otherworldly foes, Tommy uses the power to exact a maximum amount of damage against his enemies in the Power Rangers timeline.

The Green Ranger's weapon is no ordinary flute

When Rita Repulsa comes up with her clever plan to take out the Power Rangers, she ensures her new Green Ranger has some backup. In addition to the martial arts skills that Tommy already came prepared with, she gives him a mystical flute to fight his peers. And though music does come from the instrument, it also serves another purpose. Known as the Dragon Dagger, the flute's function is to control the Dragonzord. The large mechanical monster is a force to be reckoned with and by omitting just a few simple notes, Tommy can summon the beast from the depths of the water as well as control its movements.

The Dragon Dagger is also a defensive tool. It projects green bursts of light and has also shielded Tommy during combat. In his showdown with Jason (Austin St. John), Tommy plays the flute so the Red Ranger is unable to meet him in battle. Tommy uses this weapon with prowess, but like everything else that Rita Repulsa has given him, it is only a means of manipulation. She gives these tools to Tommy, brainwashing him against people who want to care about him. Only when Jason destroys Tommy's weapons is Rita's spell over him broken. Throughout his experiences as a Ranger, Tommy learns that the only thing he truly cares for is his fellow Ranger friends.