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Power Rangers Legend Jason David Frank Played Tommy Oliver A Staggering Number Of Times

Fans of the "Power Rangers" franchise all over the world are currently mourning the untimely death of Jason David Frank, who played Tommy Oliver, better known as the original Green Ranger, on the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" back in the show's 1990s heyday. If you haven't kept up with "Power Rangers" lore since those happy days watching the show as a child, you might not realize that Frank had a continuous relationship with the character he made so iconic over the course of his career, and as it turns out, he ended up with an incredible number of credits playing Tommy in a wide variety of "Power Rangers" media.

Frank made the Green Ranger one of the most beloved characters in the "Power Rangers" roster, and fans were able to watch the character grow (and appear in various different chromatic incarnations) throughout various "Power Rangers"-affiliated projects between 1993 premiere of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and his last appearance in character as Tommy in 2019.

Frank has over a dozen credits as Tommy Oliver on IMDb

Even casual fans of theĀ "Power Rangers" franchise know that its mythos can get quite tangled up and complicated, what with all the different iterations of the characters popping up in various media. But a straightforward rundown of Jason David Frank's credits on his IMDb page shows a total of 23 credits as Tommy Oliver.

That's also including various straight-to-video "Power Rangers" projects in the 90s, like the "Alpha's Magical Christmas" special and "Karate Club Level 1," which featured Frank himself teaching viewers karate moves via the magic of VHS. Some of these tapes are probably just compilations of preexisting "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" episodes (or clips from them), but even if you take these out you still have at least 20 credits for Frank within the "Power Rangers" franchise.

Frank also made something of a career of coming back as Tommy Oliver in subsequent "Power Rangers" series, including "Power Rangers Zeo," "Power Rangers Turbo," and the 2004 series "Power Rangers DinoThunder," in which he appears in 38 episodes as "Dr. Tommy Oliver," demonstrating that the former Green Ranger is more than just a fighter but also a scientist. He even lent his Mighty Morphin star power to the YouTube series "Super Power Beat Down," featuring hypothetical battles between various fictional characters, in a 2015 episode centered on the Green Ranger.

Frank's final appearance as Oliver comes in the 2019 video game "Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid," in which he voices both Tommy and his evil alter-ego Lord Drakkon. With so many appearances as the character over the course of 25 years, it becomes very clear what a substantial loss his death is for the long-running "Power Rangers" franchise.