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Mike Wolfe Seemingly Provides An American Pickers Update After Recent Hiatus

For the past decade-plus, History's rollicking, antiquing road show "American Pickers" has been a mainstay in both the cable television landscape, and the pop culture pantheon. As reported by The Sun, the hit reality series has, however, seen a noticeable decline in ratings of late, which may well be related to the divisive departure of longtime co-star Frank Fritz (per Entertainment Weekly). Nonetheless, "American Pickers" creator and star Mike Wolfe has soldiered on in Frank's absence and — ratings aside — delivered another vintage run of episodes for the show's 23rd season on the air.

Chiming in at just 14 episodes, Season 23 of the show was noticeably brief, with other seasons typically including 20 episodes or more. As it stands, the latest season's finale aired in July 2022. In the ensuing months, both Mike Wolfe and his History backers have been tight-lipped about when viewers might expect a new season of "American Pickers." Given the general silence, and the series' ratings challenges, some longtime fans have been left wondering not when, but if the show would return at all. Those fans can now breathe a sigh of relief as Mike Wolfe himself has reportedly provided an update on when the lengthy "American Pickers" hiatus will end.

New episodes of American Pickers may be coming soon

Seems the long wait for a new season of "American Pickers" is indeed almost over as Mike Wolfe reportedly confirmed new episodes are now filming via a semi-cryptic social media post. The Sun was among the first publications to pick up on Wolfe's Instagram tease, noting in a November 11, 2022 article that the "American Pickers" mastermind had posted a caption-less photo on his Instagram page of a camera crew hanging out by one of his Antique Archeology vans.

That post is, unfortunately, no longer visible, though a recent picture Wolfe took from inside what is presumably an "American Pickers" camera car still very much is. The good news for fans of the series is that, even if Mike Wolfe appears to play a touch coy about the future of "American Pickers," his brother Robert "Robbie" Wolfe made clear via his own Instagram story that he and Mike are indeed currently shooting new episodes of the show. More importantly, Robbie teased when the new episodes will be debuting on History.

The elder Wolfe brother first confirmed new episodes of "American Pickers" are in the works via a November 9, 2022, post featuring himself, and the series' camera crew which included the caption, "On the road with the best crew out there, getting new episodes of @americanpickers." A follow-up crew shot followed on November 15, and in the caption, Robbie confirmed that the new season should be debuting on History in January of 2023. Here's hoping it's everything "American Pickers" fans want it to be.